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New Technology Brings Robust Security System Features


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Ah technology. For some the release of new smartphones, tablets, new software or other gadgets is an exciting time. I mean, who doesn’t get excited about new ways to communicate with your friends or ways to better manage your home. For the latter we’re talking about home automation systems and other technology that is fairly new to security systems. These new security system features make it easy to protect your home and have thelatest home technology all in one. These new additions to home security systems have changed the way people think about protecting and managing their home. Let’s take a look at some of the cool new security system features out there.

Home Automation Devices

Home Automation Door Locks

Automated door locks are becoming more and more common. Homeowners like yourself want to be more secure access to their homes without the hassle of losing key or having them fall in to the wrong hands. These special locks can be installed in any entry door, and most have a numbered keypad that allows you to enter a code to unlock the door. Some even use fingerprint identification. The door locks integrate with your security system in a number of ways. You can receive alerts from your security system about activity at your doors. If someone unlocks the door you can find out who. You can also have your security system react a certain way when the door is unlocked, such as have it disarm. And perhaps the coolest feature is being able to unlock the door for someone when or even lock it if you forget, all when you’re far away from home. Door lock security system features are a great way to protect your home and makes things easier.

Home Automation Thermostats

Homeowners have been trying to find ways to cut down their energy bills for years. Automated thermostats are certainly nothing new. However, thermostats that you can control while away from the home via your security system certainly is. Having a home automation thermostat can change the way you maintain your home’s temperature and energy usage. You can have the air shut off when you arm your security systemand leave your home, then have it come back on when you disarm the system and enter the house. You can also change the temperature via your smartphone or online. Thermostats are another added security system feature that can make your life easier and help you save some money on your energy bills.

Home Automation Light Controls

Home lighting control is another technology that has been around for a while. However, newer wireless home automation light control devices make it easier than ever to control and automate your lights. This is another security system feature that can help you save some money on your energy bills by allowing you to turn off lights you may have left on or to have lights turn on or off when you leave or come home. For most standard lamps you can simply use a wireless light control “module” that plugs in to a wall outlet. For recessed lighting you can find light control “switches”, although these may require an electrician to install unless you’re familiar with your light switch wiring.

Security Cameras and Image Sensors

Again, security cameras have been around for some time, but newer wireless security cameras give you the ability to view live streaming video while you are away from the home. You can also receive alerts about recordings or activity and can watch recorded clips on your smartphone or online. Image sensors are an extension of motion sensors with a touch of security camera built in. An image sensor has a built in motion detector that will trigger a photo if someone walks in front of it. This can snap a picture of people entering your home or certain areas of your house. The pictures can then be sent straight to your smartphone.

These new security system features have customers flocking to the top security companies not only for home security, but for some cool new technology too. Throw in other security system features like online andinteractive monitoring and you’ll think about your home and wireless security system in a whole new way.

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