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Security System Costs And Figures


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One of the most confusing things about security systems and security system companies is the cost of a security system. Security system costs are like a foreign language to some or an unsolvable math problem to others. Not to worry, today we’ll go over some security system costs and how to figure out whether or not you’re getting a good deal.

Security System Costs: Equipment

The first thing you’ll need when installing a security system is security system equipment. Depending on how many sensors you need and if you get any add-on devices (such as home automation systems) or cameras the up-front cost will differ for each person. A basic security system should cost somewhere around $100 give or take a little. You may also find some basic security systems that are free up-front, however this will likely affect your monthly monitoring costs.

Security System Costs: Monthly Monitoring

After you’ve chosen security system equipment you’ll need to choose a monthly monitoring plan. The security systems costs for monthly monitoring can be based on a few factors. If your up-front equipment cost is surprisingly low for the amount of equipment you purchase or you’re taking advantage of a special deal on equipment your monthly monitoring costs could be a little higher than average. However, basic phone line monitoring averages about $15-$20, broadband monitoring averages about $25-$35 and cellular monitoring ranges from $30-$50. The monthly monitoring cost could also be affected by additional features like online/remote access and camera viewing.

Security System Costs: Alarm Permit

This does not apply to everyone but is worth mentioning. Some areas around the country require an alarm permit. These are normally a one time cost or a yearly cost depending on where you live and usually is no more than $20. When purchasing a security system you’ll want to ask the security system company about any permit requirements in your area. You may also be able to call your local chamber of commerce of police department and obtain information on whether a permit is needed.

Security System Costs: Maintenance

These days security systems are pretty reliable and long lasting. It’s unusual that you’ll have to replace sensors all that often, if at all. Most security systems come with a warranty of some kind as well, some are lifetime warranties while others last only a few years. Maintenance costs should be small if you have a wireless alarm system, you may only have to replace batteries once every few years and your sensors should last a good while. Even if you do need to replace a device the cost should be minimal.

The above security system costs are the main ones when you’re looking at purchasing a security system. Keep these in mind when researching a home security system. You can learn more about security system costs and pricing by visiting our security system reviews. We review each security system company and go over security system pricing for each company as well.

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