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Moving A Wireless Security System


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Best Wireless Security Systems When Moving

Not too long ago, when you were ready to move, it would take an act of congress to remove your home security system. Wires embedded in walls, and serious mounting hardware made it next to impossible to remove security systems easily and without a trace. Many homeowners were forced to include their old security system as part of their home sale and had to purchase a new system when they relocated.

Thanks to advanced technology with wireless security systems and do it yourself security systems, taking your system with you today is not nearly as complicated. With the birth of the wireless security system, many homeowners enjoy the flexibility of taking their security system with them to their new destination with ease. No wires to cut, holes to drill or complicated disconnection instructions. Here are a few tips to consider when you are ready to disassemble and move with your wireless security system.

Don’t Cancel Your Monitoring Service

Don’t let the fact that you are moving cause you to cancel your wireless security system monitoring contract. Most security system companies will be able to accommodate your needs no matter where in the United States you move and allow you to take your security system equipment with you. The home security system company from whom you purchased your system will want to keep your business.

Provide Your Updated Information

As soon as you know your new address and other information, provide this to your security system company. Don’t forget to let them know the date when you will be moving out and the date when you require your new system to be up and running. You do not want them responding to the wrong address. Your home security company may require new paperwork, but you should not have to start a new contract.

Adhesive For Security Sensors

When you remove your security system sensors, you may find that the adhesive is no longer useful. Speak withyour security system company for free adhesive to mount your sensors once you are set up in your new place.

Assess Your New Security Needs

If you are moving to a larger home, you may require new, or different sensors in order to keep your home as safe as possible. Assess your security needs and speak with a representative from your security system company who will be able to advise you of what would work best with your present wireless security system. You may wish to take this time to upgrade your system or add home automation features or perhaps wireless video cameras, as well. Your home security company will be able to send you pre-programmed equipment that will easily integrate with your old system.

Don’t Leave any Parts Behind

All parts of your wireless security system are easily transferrable. Be sure to do a close inspection of your home so that you do not leave any parts behind and have to pay to replace them.

Moving your wireless security system is extremely easy and your security system company can help you along the way. Moving but looking for a NEW security system? Check our our security system reviews to learn more about the best security system companies.

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