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How To Calculate Security System Pricing


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Security System Pricing

One of the most important aspects of making a purchase is the price associated with that purchase. Security system pricing can sometimes be a tricky thing to understand, and we a Security System Reviews want to help you make sense of it all! We get a lot of questions pertaining to security system pricing, how it’s calculated and what it all means. So, let us dig a little deeper in to the world of security system pricing.

The first thing to think about with security system pricing is the cost of security system equipment. This is often called the “up-front cost” of your security system. This is generally the amount paid when you first purchase your system. Some security system companies do not charge an up-front cost depending on what package you choose or how customized your security system is. We’ll go in to more detail on “free” systems in just a minute.

Most often there will be some sort of up front cost for your security system. Security system pricing can range from $99 to over $1,000. Again, this depends primarily on what you’re getting and how long of a monitoring contract you’re signing up for. If you go balls to the wall and choose an elaborate system with cameras and home automation system devices your cost could be higher. If you’re going with a basic package that simply covers your doors with a few motion sensors your cost will be on the low end. Let’s not forget, however, that with the plethora of wireless security systems out there today you can always add devices to your security system later. So if the system you want does not fit in to your immediate budget, you can always purchase a few things later on.

The next thing associated with security system pricing is the monthly monitoring cost. Ultimately the monthly monitoring cost is associated with the up-front cost. How? Well lets goback to that “free” security system we were talking about earlier. Many security system companies will offer a “free” security system up-front in exchange for a little higher monthly monitoring fee. This ensures that the company recoups any monies they lost by giving away the security system equipment. If you pay nothing up-front expect to have a little higher monitoring fee than those that paid for equipment.

The companies that charge a fee up-front will most often have static monthly fees. Meaning it doesn’t matter how many devices you purchase your monthly fee will be the same no matter what. In the end this is the recommended way to go about your search. Companies that charge up-front believe their product has significant value over others, and are more likely to keep fees the same throughout the time you are a customer. It’s perfectly fine to pay for your security system equipment, in fact it’s recommended. These are often the better security systems.

Finally, there may be some one time or random costs associated with your security system. False alarm fees can come about if you’re not careful about using your system correctly and you may require an alarm permit from your county or state. As for the permits these are often a one time fee or a very small yearly fee. The permit system is used so emergency responses in the area knows you have a security system. And as for false alarms, you won’t have to worry about those most likely. Most of the modern day security systems have cut down on false alarms significantly.

Security system pricing may seem complicated, but in the end it’s pretty easy to figure out if you take the time to understand it. You can learn more about security system pricing for each security company by reading our security system reviews. Our reviews go in depth about security system equipment price as well as the different packages offered by each company.

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