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Home Security System Monitoring: How It Works


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There are many different typesof home security systems out there today. Wireless security systems, hard wired security systems, do it yourself security systems, non-monitored security systems and of course monitored security systems. Some security systems incorporate two or more of these aspects, but today we’re going to focus on home security system monitoring and what exactly it is and how it works. Let’s dig a little deeper in to the world of home security system monitoring.

What Is Home Security System Monitoring?

Home security system monitoring means that your security system is being “watched” by the monitoring station. When your security system is triggered not only will your siren go off in your home but the monitoring station will be notified as well.

How Does Home Security System Monitoring Work?

There are several ways your wireless security system can be monitored. Traditionally a security system hooked into your home phone line and that was used to distribute alarm signals to the monitoring station. More recently other methods including a broadband internet connection or a cellular connection can be used. Cellular security system monitoring is the newest and most technologically advanced type of home security system monitoring.

When your security system is triggered it will send a signal using whichever method of monitoring you have with your security system to the monitoring station. The monitoring station will then try to contact you by phone to verify the alarm. The reason the monitoring station tries to contact you first is to make sure the alarm is real, basically to verify it is not a false alarm. This gives you an opportunity to tell the monitoring station that all is well in case you trigger the system yourself accidentally. It also serves as notification to you that your alarm has gone off, you can then tell the monitoring station whether or not police should be sent.

In the case of a fire or medical alert the monitoring station will automatically dispatch the proper authority without contacting you first. It’s rare a smoke detector or medical panic button would be triggered unintentionally.

What’s The Most Reliable Home Security System Monitoring Method?

While phone line monitoring is still widely used, we at Security System Reviews feel that cellular security system monitoring is by far the most reliable. Phone line monitoring is tried and true, however, if your phone line is exposed or easily accessible outside of your home an intruder can easily cut the phone line, not allowing your system to send signals when it is triggered.

With cellular security system monitoring you don’t have to worry about cut phone lines or wires. The cellular device is usually built in to the Control Panel, meaning an intruder would have to trigger the alarm before trying to tamper with the cellular device. This is nearly impossible. Cellular security system monitoring is quite simply the most reliable.

What If I Don’t Want Home Security System Monitoring?

You may be thinking you don’t need home security system monitoring. Of course, that is your choice. However, Security System Reviews advises against it. A wireless security system is almost nothing without monitoring. The reason is most intrusions or emergencies occur when you are away from the home. No one will be watching out for you to make sure authorities are sent promptly. Even if you receive a text notification or some other communication from your system it could take much longer for the police to respond if you called them as opposed to the monitoring station. In the end if you want to properly secure your home we recommend that you do have home security system monitoring.

Where Can I Find Home Security System Monitoring Prices?

There are several places you can findhome security system monitoring prices. First you should take a look at our security system reviews. Here you’ll find in depth reviews of each security system company and all of their offered monthly monitoring plans. You can also take a look at our security system discounts and pricing page. Here you can see current promotions and if there are any discounts on home security system monitoring.

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