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Essential Security System Equipment


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Many folks wonder how they should configure their home security system. The first step is understanding the types of home security equipment and what the different devices are used for. In short, home security equipment is used to protect the entryways in your home such as doors and windows, as well as any open spaces within the home. Below are several of the most common and most needed security system equipment devices:

Security System Door Sensor

The door sensor is used to protect your doors from break in. If a door is opened while the security system is armed the siren will sound and the police will be dispatched. You should place a door sensor on each entry door. This includes the front, back, side or any other door that may lead inside your home from outside. The door sensor generally has two pieces. One piece goes on the door itself, while the other goes right next to it on the door frame. With wireless security systems or do it yourself security systems you can usually attached the sensor with adhesive or a small screw. You may also elect to use a “recessed” door sensor, which is drilled in to the door and door frame.

Security System Motion Sensor

Like the door sensor, this device is pretty straight forward and is an essential part of security system equipment. The motion sensor is placed in a large area or “high traffic” area where an intruder would have to walk through if entry was gained through a window. A motion sensor can often cover an area of about 1,000 square feet. Ideal places for a motion sensor are the living room, kitchen, basement, hallways or other large areas. Most security system companies will recommend motion sensors if you don’t have pets or small children. The motion sensor is one of the most widely used pieces of security system equipment.

Security System Glass Break Detector

The glass break detector is the alternative to motion sensors. This is especially true if you have small children or pets who may set off a motion sensor. A glass break detector “listens” for the sound of breaking glass. Glass emits a specific frequency when it is broken. The glass break detector is programmed to detect this frequency and will trigger if glass is broken. Glass break detectors can usually cover 20 feet in any direction and is great for rooms with a lot of windows, or large windows.

The pieces above are some of the most essential security system equipment pieces with any new home security system. When you call the security system company to inquire about security system pricing and options they can assist you with choosing the right security system equipment for you home. Wireless security systems and do it yourself security systems are the easiest to set up, and you can always add equipment later if you need to. To learn more about security system equipment you can check out our security system reviews.

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