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Common Wireless Security System Questions


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Common Wireless Security System Questions

So you have decided to purchase a home security system. You have learned about wireless security systems, hard wired security systems, do it yourself security systems and so on and so forth. Upon many recommendations (including ours!) you have decided that a wireless security system is the way to go. However, you have some lingering questions about wireless security systems and aren’t sure where to turn. Thanks to Security System Reviews those pesky questions will have quick and informative answers. Here are some common questions about wireless security systems:

What does “wireless” really mean?

A wireless security system is one that does not use wires to communicate. With a hard wired security system each sensor is connected by a wire, and then a wire runs to the main Control Panel. When the system is triggered or an event occurs the signal travels through the wires to the Control Panel. With a wireless security system the wires are replace by radio signals. Your security system equipment communicates using a proprietary signal to send signals to and from the Control Panel. The only “wire” you may encounter with a wireless security system is the one used to power the main Control Panel.

Can A Wireless Security System Be Disrupted?

The simple answer to this question is, no. A wireless security system is extremely difficult to disrupt. So much so that you and all of your neighbors could each have the same brand of security system equipment, working on the same frequency, and never see an issue. It would take very expensive, often unattainable technology to easily defeat a wireless security system. What’s more, many security systems these days have built in jamming protection. In the end, it is extremely difficult to defeat a wireless security system, and it’s not very likely.

Is It Easy To Install A Wireless Security System?

Whether you choose the do it yourself security system installation or have a technician come to your home a wireless security system is extremely easy to install. Most systems simply need theirControl Panel plugged in and the sensors placed with a double sided adhesive. Sensors can also use a small screw if necessary. Overall, a wireless security system is extremely easy to set up and should take no more than an hour or two at most.

Are Wireless Security Systems More Expensive?

You may think that because wireless security systems are safer and more reliable that they come at a premium cost. This is simply not true. Many security system companies offer extremely low prices for security system equipment and monthly monitoring. In fact, a wireless security system will often be less expensive than a hard wired security system. This is especially true if you choose to install the system yourself as it saves you from any additional installation fees.

Can A Wireless Security System Be Moved To A New Home?

While this may depend on your security system company and their requirements most companies allow you tomove your wireless security system with no issue. Companies like FrontPoint Security and Protect America allow you to move your system to a new residence as long as you notify them of your new address. There are rarely any fees involved when moving your system so you should not have to pay anything to move your wireless security system.

Where Can I Find Reviews For Wireless Security Systems?

Great question! And you came to the right place! Here at Security System Reviews we review all of the top security companies and best security systems. With everything from a security system company overview to security system pricing and features our security system reviews have all the information you need to make a great decision on a home security system.

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