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Better Utilize Your Home Security System


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These days a home security system isn’t just a home security system. You can almost think of it as a lifestyle manager or automation tool. Home security systems have turned a corner andare no longer used only for home security. Systems nowadays have mobile apps, home automation systems and wireless security cameras. No longer do you have to use separate products for your security system, home automation or surveillance. This is especially true with wireless security systems and do it yourself security systems. So what are some of the ways that you can better utilize your home security system?

Integrate A Home Automation System

Home automation systems are all the rage. They allow you to automate lights, thermostats, door locks, home appliances and even sprinklers or audio/visual equipment. Many wireless security systems and home automation equipment can be installed and set up by the homeowner. Using modules for lights you can turn lights on or off when you are away from the home. You can also change the temperature on your compatible thermostat or have your TV turn on when you enter the home. The possibilities are endless with home automation systems and they can greatly improve your daily life.

Mobile Security System Apps

Most security system companies are now offering some form of interactive security system monitoring. Interactive monitoring allows you to arm/disarm your system, manage home automation devices, watch live or recorded surveillance footage and receive alerts about security system activity using your smartphone. The particular security system company should have an app for the iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phones to manage your security system on the go. Forget to arm the system before you left the house this morning? No problem, just pop up your app and arm it. If the smartphone app is not your style, you can always use your computer or tablet to manage your home security system from afar as well.

Wireless Security Cameras

While wireless security cameras may not be for everyone, they are certainly an added benefit to any home security system. Along with interactive monitoring capabilities you can view live video or recorded video footage from your smartphone or computer. You can also be alerted if the camera picks up any activity such as motion. Most security cameras will trigger a recording based on motion or if your home security system is triggered. Overall, security cameras add an extra layer of protection and can help ward off potential intruders.

Life we said before a home security system is no longer just a home security system. With advancements in home automation, interactive monitoring and wireless security cameras you can take your security system and your home to another level. Not only will you feel more protected, but it could help you manage your day to day life with ease.

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