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BestSecurity Systems For 2013


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As everyone gets started on their new year’s resolutions we here at Security System Reviews are working hard to give consumers the helpful information they need to make the right choice for home security. There are many types of security systems out there, but only a few can be considered one of the best security systems. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best security systems to keep an eye on in 2013 and the security system companies that offer them.

Best Security System #1: GE Wireless Security System

General Electric is one of the longest standing companies in the world. GE manufactures everything from home appliances to home security systems, and almost everything in between. GE offers a few different types of security systems and security system equipment. One of the most popular security systems from GE is the Simon XT wireless security system. This system is used by some of the best security system companies like FrontPoint Security and Protect America. The GE Simon XT system is mainly a do it yourself security system and allows for up to 40 wireless security devices and over 100 Z-Wave home automation system devices. GE is the leader in home security system manufacturing and offers some of the best security systems available today.

Best Security System #2: 2Gig! Wireless Security System

2Gig is fairly new on the scene but provides a whole lot in a little package. The 2Gig system offers a wireless touchscreen Control Panel and wireless security system devices. It is also ideal for home automation. 2Gig is used primarily by Vivint, one of the top security system companies on our list. The 2Gig system is generally installed by a technician but can also be installed by the homeowner. While the number of homes with a 2Gig system installed is still fairly low, it is still considered one of the best security systems on the market today.

Best Security System #3: Honeywell Lynx

Honeywell is another one of the major manufacturers in the United States and the world. The Honeywell Lynx system is also one of the most installed security systems nationwide and is used by a number of home security dealers around the country such as Protection One (who now owns LifeShield Security). The Lynx system is a wireless security system that has a touchscreen interface on the main Control Panel. Honeywell also boasts its “Total Connect” online access with each security system installation. As far as home security equipment goes Honeywell is one of the best security systems around.

When determining the best security systems there are a few things we and our experts look at. One of those things is ease of use. Security system customers must be able to use the system easily without major issues or hiccups. We also look at durability. If the system dies after a couple years or replacement parts are needed frequently we would not consider that one of the best security systems. Systems that are durable, easy to use and easy to install make for the best security systems.

For more information on each security system and security system equipment we suggest you read our security system reviews or our security system equipment page. If you have specific questions about functionality of security system pricing you should contact each security system company at the number listed.

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