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Are Do It Yourself Security Systems Worth It?


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One of the major decisions one has to make when choosing the right home security systemis whether to get a do it yourself security system or have one installed by a technician. Of course, this choice is usually only available when looking at a wireless security system, as a hard wired system would likely have to be installed by a company representative. But given that wireless security systems are the norm these days, it’s unlikely you will find yourself looking at a hard wired solution. Do it yourself security systems are somewhat new to the security scene, so today we ask the question: Is it worth is to get a do it yourself security system?

The short answer is, yes.

Do it yourself security systems are popping up all over the place, and many are wondering if they have the wherewithal to install one. Most DIY systems can easily be installed in under an hour without any tools or experience needed. When installing a do it yourself security system all you have to do is plug in your main Control Panel, peel and place your wireless security systemsensors and call to have the security system company activate your system. Most systems will come pre-programmed for you, so you won’t have to “learn” any of your devices to the Control Panel before putting them in place. And if you need assistance, you can always contact the security company.

Some of the main advantages of a do it yourself security system are being able to install the system quickly and easily on your own time, not worrying about running wires, saving money on installation and having a good knowledge of how your security system works and where sensors are located. Like I said above no experience or tools are needed, so all you’ll need is your two hands and about an hour of spare time.

Finally, a do it yourself security system can easily be taken down if you move to a new residence, or decide to remodel the kitchen. Because you set up the system yourself it will be just as easy to remove the security system equipment if needed. Of course, you can always take it with you if you move and have your new home protected with the same level of security. It’s easy to add devices too! Normally if you want to add a few devices to your system you can get additional parts from your security system company.

To find out more about the best do it yourself security systems read our security system reviews. Security System Reviews covers security system pricing, security system equipment and security system installation among many other factors. Be a smart consumer and do your research first!

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