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An Understanding of Burglars’ Habits Can Help You Invest in the Right Security Solution for Your Property


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DIY security systemsIn order to deter perpetrators who want to get their hands on what’s rightfully yours, you have to stay one step ahead of them at all times. You might be wondering: how could I possibly do that? The answer is simple: by analyzing some of the most common burglars’ habits and learning how to protect the vulnerable areas of your home.

Truth be told, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase and install ridiculously expensive  equipment. As a matter of fact, now you have unlimited access to reliable, cost-efficient that help you get more bang for your buck. Moreover, there are various
other inexpensive elements that you could use to improve home safety on time and on a budget, like dummy security cameras, window bars, deadbolt locks and intimidating signs, designed to keep the villains at a respectable distance.

“The typical house burglar is a male teen in your neighborhood—not a professional thief and 60 seconds is the most burglars want to spend breaking into your home. This suggests you only need enough security to thwart the regular person. Simple things like the “my scary dog can run faster than you” sign may be one of the most effective theft deterrents, other than—or in addition to—actually owning a scary dog,”

explains Melanie Pinola from Lifehacker.

It’s not difficult to highlight the fact that your property is not an easy target for criminals who would do everything in their power to get away with your cash and your valuable goods. Just remember that burglars do not have superpowers. On the contrary, in most cases they rely on basic locksmith tools to get the job done, or simply take advantage of your negligence and slip inside your house through an open door or window.

Even the most simple home security system can help you deter potential trespassers. You just have to understand their modus operandi and their behavioral patterns, in order to make the wisest decision, when it comes to discovering and implementing the for your house.

To begin with, you should know that on average, felons spend no more than 12 minutes inside the home that they are burglarizing. However, they seem to have plenty of time to turn your house upside down. According to a Washington Post , most burglars first look inside the fridge, the dresser drawer and the bathroom closet. Still think that it’s a great idea to hide your valuable belongings in there? Guess not.

The master bedroom is the main target, because this is the place where most homeowners keep expensive electronics, jewelry, guns and different other items that are quite pricy and easy to sell. A  TV or a radio on timer, an energy-efficient lighting system and properly lit rooms will give out the impression that a family member is at home at all times. Moreover, if these simple measures of precaution don’t bring you peace of mind, opt for a cheap security system with motion sensors that could mark the end of your burglary-related problems.

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