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The 3 Areas on Your Home a Burglar Will Target


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There are 3 big places that a burglar will target when trying to break into a home. Having a security system will help to lower any kind of attempt at breaking into you home by a significant amount. No burglar wants to deal with a security system, loud noises or the police. Most burglars are opportunists, ad they’re seeking an easy in and out into a home.

The first place that a burglar will target is nothing crazy. Yes, it’s your front door. The front door, or really any door for that matter, is where you enter in and out. If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for a burglar too! Often times people forget to lock the door. Or they lock it but have a spare key hidden under the doormat. This issimply a bad idea. Every burglar will look there first and next to leaving the door open or unlocked, this is begging to be broken in to. On top of that, doors which are glass like french doors or sliding glass back door can just have the glass broken with a couple of hard hits.

The next place that a burglar might try to break in through in a window. In the summer time, like right now, people leave windows open. And if the window isn’t open, it might be unlocked. You’ve got to remember to close and lock those windows. It’s not hard to pry a window open and sneak in through it. Be sure not to leave anything out, especially keys, near a window or door.

The last, most obvious place a burglar will try to break in to is through the garage. If you have an electronically operated garage door, you will probably be fine. But any manual garage doors are pretty easily pried open. Some of them don’t even need to be pried. We also suggest that you do not leave yourgarage door open during all hours of the day. It’s easy for a nosy potential threat to poke around with out actually seeming threatening if the garage door is wide open.

Obviously, there are other ways for a burglar to break into your home. But these 3 locations are the most popular points of entry. A top security system is a huge layer of protection or you.

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