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Security System Helps a Family from Lauderdale County to Scare Away Midnight Intruder


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Crime Prevented by Home Security System

It’s never easy to live your life in a community constantly terrorized by burglars. Those who are currently in such a situation do everything in their power to deter perpetrators. Some of them rely on new, burglar-proof lock and key mechanisms, while others get a guard dog and install state-of-the-art .

High-quality security system equipment makes all the difference in the world, when it comes to keeping the bad guys at a respectable distance. A Lauderdale County resident has recently managed to protect his family and his valuable belongings, thanks to his advanced security solution.

Justin Cobb, the homeowner who has succeeded in discouraging the burglar who was trying to break into his vehicle, has been a magnet for criminals for as long as he can remember. A while ago, his family invested in a deer camera, installed to intimidate potential thieves.

However, a new car burglary recorded last month made Cobb question its effectiveness. Therefore, the homeowner decided to pay the right price for the very currently available on the market.

The product that he purchased turned out to be an excellent investment. The system sends an alert every single time its sensors detect a threat. A few days ago, Cobb’s security system signaled the presence of a midnight intruder. A man was inside the garage, trying to burglarize the family car.

“That indicated to me that something or someone was outside in my garage, and sure enough, I was able to access my camera that I have. There was someone in my garage at that time,”

Cobb said.

The homeowner tried to apprehend the criminal on his own and chased him into the woods. Meanwhile, his wife called the police. Cobb was unable to catch the intruder, yet he is still confident that the security camera footage will enable the investigators to identify and arrest the suspect.

“I think we need to get together as a community and provide the Police or Sheriff’s Department with the best evidence and the best information that we can, and then help them do their jobs, because the facts are, if you don’t have anything to give them, how are they going to solve it?”

stated Cobb. This unpleasant incident highlights the importance of . Even people who live in areas with low crime rates can become the unfortunate victims of burglars in the blink of an eye. Both professionally installed and help the owners improve security levels at home, while also turning an entire neighborhood into a safer environment.

“Some people say, ‘Well, why is this happening to you?’ I tell them that I don’t think it just happens to me. If they’re coming to my house, they’re coming to your house, walking down the street, trying to get in your vehicles, too,”

concluded Cobb.

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