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Security System 101: What Happens When Your System Goes Off?


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Many homeowners who have home security systems have never had their system go off. Most of them don’t know what actually happens when the system is triggered. On the other hand, there are many misconceptions about system’s going off for no reason or false alarm happening in abundance. Today we’re here to quell the myths and state the facts about what really happens when your security system is set off.

So, what are the events that occur when your security system is triggered?

1. Security System Is Triggered

For the alarm to sound and the system to go off the system must be triggered. This usually happens when the system is armed and a door is opened or a motion sensor is set off. The sensors around the house are used to detect this and send a signal to the Control Panel when this occurs.

2. Siren Sounds & Monitoring Center Calls

Once the system is triggered the siren will sound and create a loud noise inside the home. During this time the monitoring station will be trying to contact you in order to verify the alarm. This is toensure that the security system was not triggered falsely. If you answer the call from the station you will be asked for a security pin or a password of some kind, this is to prove your identity. They will then send police to the home if the alarm is real. If you don’t answer the phone call the monitoring station will assume there is a problem and will send the police automatically.

3. What If It IS A False Alarm?

While false alarms are becoming more rare, they do occur on occasion. So what happens if your security system is set off accidentally? There is no reason to panic if that happens. You can simply deactivate and disarm the system. The monitoring station will call thinking it is a real alarm. All you need to do is provide your pin or password and tell them it was an accident. This way they don’t needlessly send the police to your home.

In the end, things can happen pretty quickly when your security system is set off. It’s importantto remember the steps and what to do if it does happen. It’s a simple process that saves lives and keeps false alarm to a minimum.

If you’re unsure about your current security system or how it might react if it does go off you can ask your security company to test the system with you. Or you may even be able to test it yourself. This way you can be better prepared if your system is set off.

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