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Perpetrator Calls the Police after Getting Stuck in the Chimney of the House He Was Trying to Burglarize


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These days, homeowners who refuse to secure their properties with proper expose themselves to considerable risks, taking into account that modern burglars become more and more inventive. Some of them make the most of locksmith tools to burglarize properties, while others get creative and embrace a unique and very strange modus operandi.

This appears to be the case of a criminal from Naples, Florida who got stuck in a chimney, in his attempt to get inside a property and steal valuable goods. Fortunately, the man who tried to imitate Santa failed to attain his goals and not necessarily due to some . Apparently, he knew nothing about the design and functionality of a chimney.

The damper stopped him from getting inside the house and he managed to get stuck inside the chimney. The man, identified as Richard Tyler Brandon, was found by the local law enforcement representatives who had responded to his emergency call. Firemen from the local Fire Rescue Department managed to get him out of there by using a fire truck ladder and a rope ladder.

“He probably didn’t know much about chimneys because the damper prohibits anybody from getting in there,”

explained Pete DiMaria, Battalion Chief at the City of Naples.

Mike Whitley, the misfortunate homeowner, was out of town when the shocking event took place. He was contacted by the local police officers assigned to this case and couldn’t conceal his surprise when he heard the disturbing news.

“When you first get a call like that, you wonder if it’s a prank. At some point, I may have asked that and they told me this is not a joke,”

affirmed Whitley.

The bad news is that this curious case is not an isolated incident. Insurers indicate that property crimes display a 60% increase during the cold season. Criminals target homes that are not protected by effective security system equipment, vandalize the property and manage to get away with valuable belongings and cash.

Is there a time and cost-efficient way to reduce the number of winter burglaries? Of course there is!  An inexpensivehome security system is the best thief deterrent one could ever hope to find. A with motion sensors can signal any type of safety threat and alert the owner in record time.

Undoubtedly, there are various other simple and inexpensive deterrents that one might want to consider, like thorny foliage, anti-burglar paint, window gates and guard dogs. However, none of these elements manage to top the level of protection offered by the currently available on the market.

So if you want to secure your house and keep burglars at a distance, check out different types of security system equipment and select the one that is actually right for your property.

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