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DIY Security Systems Launched by Oplink


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DIY Security Systems and  Equipment

Over the last few years, security companies have managed to put theory into practice and come up with amazingly reliable and accessible . More and more manufacturers seem to reach the conclusion that their prospects don’t want to break the bank to invest in insanely expensive and complex security system equipment.

As a matter of fact, most buyers are interested in finding simple, intuitive, easy to use home DIY security systems that don’t require professional installations and high monthly fees. After buying one of the , clients have to cope with supplementary expenses, in the form of monitoring fees, estimated at $50-$60 per month.

In this context, the tech savvy creative minds from Oplink Security have striven to develop and introduce truly effective and inexpensive DIY security systems. Their solutions are tailored to the unique security needs, requirements and budget limitations of various categories of homeowners. The AlarmShield package is their basic security solution that comes with decently priced monitoring rates starting from $9.99 a month.

Moreover, the TripleShield package, their advanced security kit designed for prospects who want to profit from the highest level of protection 24/7, involves monitoring expenses of $19.99 a month. The good news is that both packages actually carry extremely tempting price tags: AlarmShield is currently priced at $149 and TripleShield costs $299.

“The kits are configured differently. The TripleShield kit includes two window/door sensors, a motion detector, the (alarm) gateway that ties the system to our cloud service, as well as two key fobs, a siren and two IP cameras,”

explains Evan Tree, a Oplink Security representative.

Furthermore, the company’s system sends an alert as soon as a threat is detected inside the house. The owner is actively involved in the whole monitoring process and has the opportunity to review video footage. This eliminates false alarms and enables a faster response in the case of a real emergency. This is another reason why the new DIY security systems launched by Oplink have high odds of success.

Recent studies indicate that 92% of all threats signaled by a are actually false alarms. This represents a real hassle both for owners and law enforcement representatives. The new products brought to us by Oplink eliminate this problem and will most likely be received with enthusiasm by a large pool of prospects.

“The reason why we launched into this business is we saw that there are a lot of home security providers out there. They are well-established companies, very popular companies but… we saw some opportunities because we believe that there is kind of an underserved market out there,”

affirms Jim Campbell, Oplink Security’s VP of Marketing.

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