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Morristown Law Enforcement Investigate Daytime Property Crimes


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Property Crimes are Prevented by Home Security Systems

Still think that burglars operate only in the dark and are intimidated by daylight? Think again! During the day, when most family members are at work or at school, residential properties are targeted by skilled, tenacious perpetrators. They know how to break into a home in record time, without raising any suspicions.

 Homeowners can deter villains by purchasing and installing sophisticated . Unsecured properties are real gold mines in the eyes of unscrupulous criminals who will do whatever it takes to get their hands on your cash and your valuable assets.

Morristown law enforcement representatives are currently investigating a string of daytime property crimes that took place on Monday, between 3 and 5 pm. Burglars managed to get inside the victims’ houses though unlocked doors, and in some cases police officers discovered signs of forcible entry. None of the owners were home when the perpetrators succeeded in getting inside the apartments located on James Street and Eskine Drive, near the Thomas Jefferson School.

So far, officials from the Morristown Police Department are still investigating this string of property crimes and are yet to come up with a list of potential suspects. They advise all residents to keep their windows and doors locked, to invest in the currently available on the market and to report any dubious activities recorded in their neighborhood as soon as possible.

Officers checked the area and conducted a canvas of theneighborhood with negative results. Morris County Sheriff’s Office CIS Unit responded and processed the scene. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information or who witness anything suspicious is encouraged to contact the Investigative Unit of the Morristown Police Department at 973-292-737,”  affirmed Det. Captain Steven Sarinelli.

Law enforcement representatives state concerns that an alarmingly high number of homeowners never arm their home security systems during the day, thinking that criminal activities take place only after dark. In fact, families should always use their to prevent home invasions and to keep an eye on their properties 24/7.

“Burglary statistics have proven homes are targeted more during these hours because people are not home and do not expect daytime break-ins. If there is no one home always set the alarm for your home safety. […]The time when most people think a home is safest is when criminals see them as most vulnerable,” reveal the security experts from LifeTips.

If you want to protect your valuable belongings and your loved ones around the clock, choose to invest in a reliable, . 24/7 home monitoring will help you attain peace of mind, knowing that you would receive instant alerts via email or texts in case of a security emergency.

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