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Mobile Residents Will Be Able to Protect Their Homes by Investing in AT&T’s Digital Life


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Numerous homeowners are looking for the best deals on home . Unfortunately, most providers launch truly complex and expensive security system equipment onto the market. They disregard the fact that simplicity and affordability are two important selection criteria that most buyers take into consideration, when it comes to purchasing the best security solution for their property.

American families striving to find the have different necessities and requirements. Some might only need a reliable security solution guaranteeing effective intrusion detection and fire prevention, while others might actually be eager to pay a little more for a robotized home sitter.

The last category of prospects is represented by security-conscious people who are looking for a flexible system and the coolest home automation features ever developed. Digital Life delivers all this and more and on Friday it will become available in Mobile, Alabama and in 5 other U.S. markets: New Haven, Pensacola, Colorado Springs, Memphis and Bridgeport.

“Digital Life is committed to offering our customers an easy and convenient way to secure their homes, protect their families and simplify their lives from virtually anywhere.[…]With the launch in Mobile and these five additional markets, we’re looking forward to making Digital Life available to more customers throughout the country,”

stated Rich Guidotti, anAT&T representative

The system allows users to keep an eye on their homes 24/7, to keep burglars at a distance and to control their appliances. Digital Life was designed to make people’s lives simpler and much more comfortable. By using this simple security solution users can turn appliances on and off, preserve an ideal temperature inside their homes and reduce the value of their monthly utility bills. The entire system is very simple, intuitive, personalized and highly flexible; its developers strove to come up with an intelligent security system enabling family members to manage their homes the easy way, even when they’re many miles away. Users can add devices, scheduled tasks and new custom notifications at any point in time.

Mobile residents will most likely receive this ingenious security solution with a lot of enthusiasm, taking into consideration its simplicity, increased efficiency, numerous features and relatively small price tag. They have two appealing alternatives at hand: the Simple Security package involving a monthly fee of $29.99 and the Smart Security System, available for an extra 10 dollars.

The basic package includes an indoor siren, non-stop home monitoring and recessed sensors. The advanced option offers all this, plus a smoke sensor, motion sensor, glass break sensor, carbon monoxide sensor and more.

No less than 4,058 burglaries per 100,000 residents were recorded in Mobile in 2011. In this context, it goes without saying that an intelligent, flexible, convenient security system like Digital Life could help Mobile residents finally attain peace of mind in their own environment.

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