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The Basics Of Home Automation


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Home automation is a fast growing trend among homeowners and home security companies. Home automation allows you to install devices that can control your appliances. Home automation not only helps you better control your home appliances, but become more energy efficient as well. Home management doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to install. In fact, many DIY security companies offer DIY home automation devices as well. Below are some of the ways you can best use home automation to better manage your home and energy usage:

Home Automation Lights

Lights are the most frequently automated appliance in the home. By now, most homeowners have experienced an automated light in one way or another. This may include motion lights, or remote controlled lighting. When combining home automation with a home security system you can control all of your lights online orusing a smartphone, whether you’re home or not. You can also have lights react based on your security system settings. For instance, when you disarm your system your foyer lights will come on.

Automating Thermostats

Another common way of automating the home is to automate a thermostat or HVAC system. By installing a “smart” thermostat you can easily manage the temperature in your home. You can automate time for the heat or AC to come on, or have it react to a security system settings such as arming or disarming. A Smart thermostat is a must have for vacation homes and primary residences.


Getting tired of using keys? You can install new “smart” door locks that you can control with a smartphone, keypad, or even your fingerprint. You can also integrate door locks with a home security system and other automation devices.


While A/V automation isless widely used and/or integrated with home security it is still an option for many homeowners. Automating or remotely controlling televisions, speakers, and the like can give a whole new entertainment experience to your home.

Home automation is a great way to become more energy efficient and to make life a little easier every day. Some of the best security companies are now offering home automation devices such as ADT, FrontPoint Security, Protect America, and Vivint. All of these companies have great home automation solutions that easily integrate with your home security system.

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