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Crime Prevention Strategy Roll Out to Curb Kansas City Burglary Rate


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Crime Prevention Measures can Include Guard DogsBurglars who are looking for easy targets never hesitate to break into houses that are not protected by modern, effective . Millions of Americans expose themselves to considerable risk by refusing to secure their property. Some of them are intimidated by high monthly fees and sophisticated gadgets, while others think that burglaries are isolated events that could never disrupt their balance.

Both categories of homeowners seem to disregard the fact that even the simplest, most inexpensive can scare away perpetrators and help users attain peace of mind. Clearly, when it comes to identifying the best crime prevention solution for your home, there are various budget-friendly options worth considering.

Crime prevention strategies involving the presence of a modern residential security system are not a luxury. They are a real necessity especially during this time of the year, when numerous people tend to invest a lot of money in gifts for themselves and for their loves ones. Recent studies indicate that most American cities record a rash of burglaries around Christmas.

It’s no secret that skilled burglars are in some cases the first ones to open presents. Vandals target homes whose windows and doors are masked by gigantic decorations. In fact, windows covered by huge signs enable perpetrators to operate without raising any suspicions.

Only a few Kansas City residents actually know how to deter perpetrators and how to turn their home into an entirely safe environment. This is the main reason why representatives from the local police department have decided to roll out a highly beneficial crime prevention program. Officers with more than 3 decades ofexperience in this line of work plan to organize burglary prevention presentations, in an attempt to educate the locals and discourage perpetrators.

“It is a sad feeling that the day before Christmas a family gets home and their front door has been kicked in and all the gifts are gone. As a police officer, it’s a sad feeling to go on a call like that,”

explained Sergeant Ramiro Moran, currently involved in the Community Policing program.

Sergeant Ramiro Moran is convinced that some of the simplest crime prevention measures, like installing new locks, upgrading the lighting system or purchasing a new home security system can go a long way. Furthermore, many homeowners display reckless behavior and put their own safety on the line. For instance, they leave ladders and tools in the patio, where they could be easily spotted and utilized by burglars to gain access inside their home.

“We ask that they light up their homes. Bad guys, robbers, burglars don’t like houses that are well lit. […] So people don’t see you just bought a new T.V. You are advertising it if you stick the big box out on the curb,”

concluded Moran.

The lesson is simple: make sure your home is properly illuminated at all times, get a guard dog, get involved in one of those neighborhood watch groups and purchase the that you can afford. All these beneficial changes will boost your level of comfort and help you feel entirely safe on your property.

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