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How Social Media Can Change Your Security System


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Security systems are a necessity with the prevalence of social media nowadays. How many social media outlets do you utilize? How about your kids? Changes are between the family, or just you, there is a pretty decent number. Let’s list off a few of your options: Facebook, Linked In, Four Square, Vine, Twitter… the list goes on! So what does any of this have to do with your security system? Quite a bit actually.

Think about it, what do you use social media for? You use it to tell people what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. A great way to broadcast to the entire world that you’re on vacation, out to lunch or just at work. The best time for a burglar to strike is when no one is home. There will be the least amount of resistance and no one to rush them out of the house. If a burglar knows that you’re at work, they can take their grand old time picking through every sock drawer that you own for all your jewelry.

Social media is a huge aspect of many people’s lives today. It is imperative that you’re prepared for it with one of the best security systems. Social media can make your life easier in many ways, but also more complicated in others. Be aware of the dangers of announcing to the world your every move.

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