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How Long Does It Really Take To Install A DIY Security System?


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The traditional in-home technician installation of home security systems is becoming less and less popular as do it yourself security systems become more widely available. DIY security systems are quick and easy to install anddon’t require any drilling or wiring normally. Installing a basic wireless security system could take as little as 25-30 minutes, while systems with more sensors could take up to an hour or a little more. Either way, DIY security systems are not only reliable, they are cost effective and won’t require an intensive installation. Even better, you can move the system to a new home if needed.

Today we’ll look at the steps to installing a DIY security system and how long each typically takes. This should give you a good idea of what a DIY security system installation will entail and how much time you should allot to the process. For this we’re going to assume a customer has a little more than a “basic” system. So we’ll assume you have the following sensors:

  • Control Panel (x1)
  • Door/Window Sensors (x4)
  • Motion Sensors (x3)
  • Glass Break Sensors (x2)
  • Smoke/Heat Sensors(x1)
  • Light Modules (x2)
  • Indoor Wireless Security Camera (x1)

Step One: Purchase Your DIY Security System

Time Allotment: 1-3+ Days

Of course, before you can install the security system you must purchase it! There are several great out there today, including , , and .

Many of these companies offer overnight shipping (usually cost extra) so you can have the system the very next day if needed. The standard (free) shipping time runs about 2-5 days depending on where you live and which company you purchase from. All in all you should have your system in hand within a few days unless you choose an expedited shipping option.

Step Two: Install The Control Panel

Time Allotment: 2-3 Mins

Installing the Control Panel is the first step to completing the DIY security system installation. This usually entails plugging the Control Panel into a power outlet, preferably one that is not controlled by a switch. You wouldn’t want to accidentally switch off your security system! The Control Panel will sit nicely on a tabletop or counter. If you want to mount your Control Panel on the wall all you’ll need is a screwdriver and about 5 extra minutes to mount the bracket to the wall and place the Control Panel on the bracket.

Step Three: Place Your Security System Sensors

Time Allotment: 15 Mins

The next step to completing the DIY security system installation is to place your sensors around the home. Each sensor should have adhesive already attached for easy “peel & place”. Place the sensors on your doors, walls, ceiling, etc as instructed for the directions given by the security company.

Step Four: Set Up Wireless Security Camera

Time Allotment: 10 Mins

Setting up a wireless security camera is pretty simple as well. You will need access to a computer in the home and know your router’s password. For most cameras you will need to plug the camera into either the computer or router before it becomes fully “wireless”, this is so the camera can recognize your wireless settings andrun an install on your computer. Once you’ve gone through the set-up (company will provide step-by-step instructions) you can place your camera where you’d like it to go.

Step Five: Call Security Company To Activate

Time Allotment: 10-15 mins

The final step to completing the DIY security system install is to call the company to have them activate your system. They’ll usually “test” each sensor with you to make sure everything is working correctly and will then fully activate your security system so it’s ready for regular use.

Total Time Allotment: 35-40 mins

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