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Harrison Township Law Enforcement Identify Suspect Tied to Recent String of Residential Burglaries


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top security systemCounting less than 25,000 residents, Harrison Township seemed to be a quiet, peaceful environment where you could raise your kids. Nonetheless, a recent string of burglaries committed in this area has made most locals acknowledge the importance of an effective, . People who grew up in Harrison Township never used to worry about their safety.

Things seem to be very different now, since numerous community members live in terror and are seriously looking into purchasing , knowing that they could become the next misfortunate victims of a gang of burglars at any given point in time. Luckily, the local police department is very vigilant and has already managed to identify the first suspect, tied to a series of home invasions reported earlier this month.

Denzel Alonte Gordon, 19, is accused of concealing marijuana and a wide range of stolen goods that were taken from the recently burglarized properties. Police officers reached the conclusion that Gordon had played an important part in the rash of break-ins on Tuesday, after responding to an emergency call. When they went to investigate a home invasion reported on East Lauren, law enforcement representatives saw the suspect flee the scene of the crime.

Fortunately, they used a patrol dog to track the suspect in record time. They searched his apartment and stumbled across valuable electronics and jewelry that had been reported missing by the victims of the recent break-ins. Now the local police have finally managed to shed some light on this complicated case and the suspect is getting ready to make his first court appearance, which is scheduled for November 25th.

Hopefully, the alarming numbers of property crimes committed in this area will serve as a lesson for people who have been reluctant to purchase and install advanced, cost-efficient top security system equipment. Of course, there are hundreds of other appealing security solutions worth considering, but none of them can actually surpass the benefits ensured by a modern, .

Identifying and applying simple, yet incredibly effective preventive measures designed to improve home safety is not as hard as it may seem. On the contrary, it’s the little things that count: a guard dog, new locks for your doors and windows, reliable indoor and outdoor lighting systems and a top security system that you can afford are highly beneficial elements that will make you feel protected on your property around the clock.

Also, it is important to know which areas of your home attract burglars like a magnet. 34% of all perpetrators target your front door, so consider investing in a high-quality deadbolt lock. Remember to secure your first floor windows and install a motion-activated lighting system to discourage villains who may target your basement. A cheap security system and inexpensive tools and products that you could easily find in any home improvement store will help you stay safe and live a much more comfortable life.

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