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George Town Officials Give the Green Light to Odd Carnival to Curb Crime Rates


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policeAs the number of criminal acts hits higher rates every single year in parts of the globe, law enforcement representatives’ start looking for new, highly ingenious methods to discourage crime and villains, empower communities and keep the streets safe .

They increase patrols, hand out flyers, promote cheap security systems, respond to the questions and concerns of all residents by ensuring home security inspections and organize special events, in an attempt to curb crime rates once and for all.

George Town officials have come up with a new idea, designed to intrigue the population, to offer them food for thought and intimidate even the most motivated criminals who may be tempted to supplement their income by robbing a bank, mugging a defenseless person or burglarizing a home.

Representatives from the Prisons Department have made it their mission to educate residents, help them stay safe at all times and reduce security risks. They gave the green light to a truly odd exhibition that put a wide range of terrifying objects on full display, includingwhips and several other items used to administer painful corporal punishments. Surprisingly, during the event organized at the Queensbay Mall organizers also decided to present a video of criminals being caned.

The curious carnival was also supported by a Kuala Lumpur-based group of martial arts experts who seemed eager to teach attendees the basic self-defense techniques that could help them win the fight with a potential attacker.

This idea was received with great enthusiasm by numerous George Town residents who value effective crime prevention strategies. Despite the fact that this new approach may seem a bit extreme, the officials who embraced it somehow managed to raise awareness and enable people to acknowledge the importance of simple preventive measures that could deter perpetrators.

In the U.S. authorities typically opt for a softer approach. They advise people to keep their doors and windows locked at all times, to buy a reliable home security system, get a guard dog and join a neighborhood watch program.

“Participating in a neighborhood watch to discourage criminals from spending time on your block or street is something valuable you can do – even if you have little to no self-defense experience or knowledge,” explain the security expert from .

Clearly, burglars will always hesitate to target homes that are protected by the best security system and by more than a few pairs of scrutinizing eyes. If you want to improve safety in your area, invest in cheap security systems (even dummy cameras may be somewhat useful) and advise your friends, co-workers and neighbors to do the same.

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