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Fort Smith-Based Woman Cheats Death, Despite Faulty Fire Detector


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Millions of Americans are still neglecting the crucial importance of a modern , despite the fact that they are exposed to a plentitude of safety risks on a daily basis. It’s no secret that one burglary is committed every 15 seconds in the U.S. However, property crimes are not the only threat that should be taken into consideration by security-conscious individuals.

Home fires represent an alarmingly common problem triggering considerable financial losses, thousands of fatalities and millions of more or less severe injuries on an annual basis. People can prevent such tragic incidents by simply purchasing and implementing a ensuring effective fire prevention and reliable intrusion detection at any given point in time.

Nonetheless, homeowners seldom remember to verify their security system equipment after they install it. They attain peace of mind, knowing that their assets and their loves ones are out of harm’s way and never actually realize that their lives may depend on a new set of batteries, until it’s too late.

This seems to be the case of an otherwise very fortunate woman from Fort Smith, who somehow managed to cheat death and survive a terrible home fire, despite the fact that her defective smoke detector did not signal the treat. Her security equipment was functional, but its batteries were completely dead, according to the firefighters who responded to the emergency call made by the victim’s alarmed neighbors.

“A fire can spread pretty quick, and I’ve seen videos where, in 60 seconds, the whole structure is engulfed in flames. A smoke detector is very important,”

explained Steve Burris, a concerned neighbor who is fully aware that the can make the difference between life and death.

Officials from the local Fire Department stated that the woman was very lucky to get out alive. Unfortunately, many people who refuse to invest in a home security system with smoke detectors, or who forget to assess their functionality are seldom as fortunate as she was.

“It was not a survivable fire. There was a smoke detector in place, but the battery was completely dead. It’s actually our busy season for us with heaters coming on right now. Please, folks, check your smoke detectors,”

said Phil Christensen, the Battalion Chief of the local Fire Department.

Recent statistics show that only 17% of all American homes are protected by a home security system. The rest are easy targets for more or less skilled burglars, not to mention the fact that they are constantly threatened by devastating floods and fires that generate extensive property damage and considerable monetary losses. Prevention is a key element, so don’t forget to upgrade your residential security solution to live a much more comfortable life.

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