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Alarm.Com Crash And Smash Notification is a security system technology provider who created mobile apps and cellular monitoring devices for home security companies. Companies such as Guardian, CPI, ASG, Protectron, and Monitronics use the cellular modules in their security systems so customer can take advantage of cellular monitoring and the mobile app technology. technology also allows security companies to promise the most reliable service with nearly “non-defeatable” security systems. This is also known as the “crash and smash technology.

What crash and smash does is send a signal to a “pending alarm” repository every time your security system is triggered. Home security systems have a built in delay of 15-30 seconds from the time a door sensor is triggered to the time the alarm actually goes off. This allows homeowners to disarm their system when entering the home without triggering the system themselves.

Crash and smash is an important technology because intruders could possibly tamper with the security system before the alarm actually goes off. Crash and smash protects against this as it sends a “pending alarm” when you a sensor istriggered; and if the security system is not disarmed in the correct way before the allotted time the monitoring station will automatically be notified.

Crash and smash essentially protects against intruders tampering with your home security system and easily defeating it. It is now very difficult for intruders to disable a home security system without triggering the system. Cellular security monitoring and crash and smash protection make security systems with technology the most reliable on the market today.

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