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The Best DIY Home Security System Companies in the Country

Our list of recommended security system companies that offer do it yourself security systems

The days of having to schedule professional installation of your home security system are gone and the popularity of do it yourself security systems has changed the industry. Our experts reviewed the best DIY home security system companies because the popularity of do it yourself installations has grown so much. Read our DIY security system reviews to learn which DIY companies offer the systems that are easiest to install.

Best Do It Yourself (DIY) Installation Home Security System Companies
FrontPoint Security Reviews - Best Overall Home Security System

FrontPoint Security

Winner our “2013 Best Home Security System Companies”, FrontPoint Security offers the best the industry has to offer.

Call FrontPoint Security: 1 (855) 436-2405

Read FrontPoint Security Review Visit FrontPoint Security Website

Protect America Reviews - Best Overall Home Security System

Protect America

With low up-front costs and affordable monthly monitoring charges, Protect America is a leader in wirless DIY security systems.

Call Protect America: 1 (877) 459-7557

Read Protect America Review Visit Protect America  Website

Vivint Security Reviews - Best Overall Home Security System

Vivint Security

By far the coolest home security system company out there with apps, home automation, and tons of extra services to enhance a security system.

Call Vivint Security: 1 (855) 300-1752

Read Vivint Security Review Visit Vivint Security Website

Professional installation isn’t necessary anymore, but most companies that offer DIY security systems have flaws that you don’t want when relying on it to protect your home and family. Our home security experts have done DIY installations of all the companies that we reviewed and decided that only a few companies truly offer comprehensive DIY solutions.

About Our List of the Best DIY Security System Companies

Learn about how we created our list of the best DIY security system companies

Do it yourself home security system companies are extremely popular as technology for self-installation has been further developed. Our experts know that many consumers may be on the fence about installing their own home security system, so we developed our DIY home security system company reviews. Doing some research on each do it yourself security system company is an important step in knowing whether it’s the solution for your home.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our DIY security system company reviews:

Our main objective when reviewing the best DIY security system companies is to ensure consumers that they know what’s involved with installing their own security system. It may seem like a daunting task to many people, but the cost is attractive. Giving consumers the information they need to decide whether or not to choose a DIY home security system starts by reviewing the companies that offer these solutions.

Help consumers research and choose the best DIY security system company
Helping consumers choose whether or not they buy a security system from a DIY security system company is one of our most popular sections of the site. Many consumers wonder whether or not they should stick to professional installation or try to install their security system themselves. Our experts have gone through the process and recommend consumers read our reviews carefully before making a decision. As long as you choose a good DIY security system company, you shouldn’t have any issues with installation or support.

Help consumers save time while searching for DIY security system companies
There isn’t a lot of information about DIY security system companies out there and consumers can spend a lot of time trying to learn more about these companies. Our team wanted to consolidate that information and give consumers one resource that can answer all of the questions they have about the top do it yourself security system companies. By only having to visit one site to get all the necessary information, consumers can save themselves a bunch of time and hassle by knowing which DIY security system to choose.

Help consumers save money when picking a do it yourself security system company
In order to encourage consumers to conduct more research before buying a home security system, our team includes ways to save in our DIY security system reviews. Most other sites do not help consumers save money or find the best deal, but our goal is to help consumers make the right decision and get the best deal. It’s our way of providing the best service possible to our visitors. It’s nice to get help picking the best DIY security system company, but it’s even better when you can save a few bucks doing it.

Our process of choosing the best do it yourself security system companies is exactly the same as the way we conduct all of our security system reviews. We secretly shop for security systems from each of the DIY security system companies, install the systems, write comprehensive reviews, and then vote to decide which company offers the best do it yourself security system. The only difference is that we have to install the systems ourselves and rate the difficulty of the process.

Secretly shop and review the best do it yourself home security companies
Similar to the way we conduct all of our security system reviews, our experts secretly shop for do it youself security systems from the best DIY companies. Once of the major differences in our DIY home security system review is that our experts actually go through the processes of installing the security system and requesting support. They document the process and outline in it in our DIY security system reviews. This helps consumers know more about how difficult or easy the installation process is.

Create a comprehensive review of the top DIY security system companies
Creating comprehensive reviews of the best DIY security system companies is an important part of helping educate consumers as to whether or not a DIY security system is right for them. Our team strives to create the best reviews and looks to answer all the questions a consumer might have while looking to buy a DIY security system. We keep it simple and straight to the point, but we’re committed to making sure that consumers have all the information they need to make their own decision.

Vote to choose the best DIY home security company
Once we’re done conducting our research and creating comprehensive reviews on the best DIY security system companies, our experts sit down to vote. By voting, our team ensures that only the best DIY security system companies are given recommendations and that no one company is favored without the decision being unanimous. Our recommendations are a team effort and the result of voting as a team. No one staff member controls what company gets a place on our DIY security system company list.

We staff home security system experts that have been working in the industry for many years. Our staff watched as the DIY security system industry evolved and knows exactly what the challenges were when developing these types of homesecurity systems. Unlike other security system review sites, our site is fully backed by expert knowledge and experience in the home security industry.

Hire experts with experience working with DIY home security system installations
Consumers respect our recommendations because industry experts conduct each of our security system reviews. We take pride in having expertise and authority when reviewing each DIY security system company. Our team was part of the evolution of DIY home security systems and can properly recommend a good company to a consumer. Our knowledge of the industry is what makes our security system review so helpful to consumers.

Our DIY security system company reviews are handled by our experts
Our experts know everything about the DIY security system companies that we reviewed. There are only a few companies that offer solid do it yourself security systems, but our team is very familiar with them. We have several experts review each company and collaborate to reach a consensus on which is the best DIY security company.

Remain unbiased while creating each DIY security system company review
We do not favor or have any financial incentive to promote specific DIY security system companies on our site. We conducted unbiased reviews that highlight the companies that offer the best self-installation security systems. Our team is committed to remaining unbiased when working to review any security system company. Staying independent and unbiased is part of our mission to serve the best interest of the consumer.

We’re constantly watching this segment to keep up with the latest development in DIY security system technologiesand innovations. This is one of the fastest growing segments of home security and we’re committed to keeping all of our security system reviews up-to-date. Our experts monitor the latest equipment manufacturers and keep an eye on the trends that the top DIY security system companies are making.

Quarterly updates on our list of do it yourself security system companies
Every couple of months, our home security experts check to make sure that our list of the best DIY security system companies is accurate. We follow up with consumers that purchased their security systems and get feedback on their experience. If things change and companies are failing to live up to the recommendation that we gave, we’ll immediately update our reviews accordingly. Most companies that we review are pretty consistent with their performance and they watch to make sure that they’re still getting good reviews from our site.

Constantly monitor each of the best DIY security system companies
We watch and monitor all the news related to the security system industry and pay close attention to any news relating the do it yourself systems. If we find news that is relevant to consumers, we post the information to our blog or update our DIY security system reviews. If new companies, security system equipment, or innovations pop up, we’ll be one of the first security system review sites to report it.

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