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Common Questions About Home Automation Systems


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The staff at Security System Reviews receives a ton of questions every week on any number of topics including how we rank security system companies, the effectiveness of wireless security systems, and of course the need for home automation systems. We thought it would be helpful to our followers to provide these questions and answers to some of the more common questions. Today we’ll share with you some of the common questions about home automation systems.

Do Home Automation Systems Increase My Home Security?

As far as sensors and other devices go home automation systems do not necessarily increase your home security. To keep things simple home automations systems are not part of your home security system, but can be combined with it to create an automated home that will deter burglars. They can certainly be beneficial to home security with devices for lighting and automatic door locks. For instance, if you go out of town you can put your lights on a timer so it appears that someone is home. You can also install automatic door locks so the lock cannot bepicked or easily broken.

Will Home Automation Systems Save Me Money On Energy Bills?

Research has shown that with proper usage and diligence home automation systems can save you up to 30% off of your home energy bills. This number differs in certain geographical areas where temperature changes aren’t as drastic during the different seasons. Overall, home automation systems can help you automate lights and thermostats and can be controlled when you’re not at home, making it easier to turn off lights you may have forgotten about when home and to turn your thermostat on or off when needed. In short, home automation systems will certainly save you some money off of your home energy bills.

What Are The Most Common Home Automation System Devices?

Some of the most common home automation system devices include light modules, thermostats, door locks, and garage door openers. These are also devices that can be integrated with a homesecurity system. There are also other devices for audio/visual components like stereos or televisions, but these are less common and aren’t usually integrated with a home security system.

Can I Control Home Automation System Devices From My Smartphone?

Absolutely. Especially devices that are integrated with a home security system. There are also many home automation systems out there today that have some form of communication, whether it’s cellular or through your internet connection, that allow you to control the devices using a computer or smartphone – whether you’re home or not.

These are some of the most common questions about home automation systems received by Security System Reviews. To learn more about home automation systems read our full security system blog or read our .

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