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FrontPoint Security – The Possible Culprit to an Alleged Infringement Scheme

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FrontPoint SecurityThere is never a dull moment in the eye of security. FrontPoint Security Solutions, along with, is making all the wrong security headlines these days, as they are being accused by iControl Networks of possible patent infringement. Just recently, iControl Networks has made a formal statement announcing that they have filed a lawsuit against these two very well-known security system companies.

iControl is claiming that both FrontPointSecurity and have violated a confidentiality agreement entered into between iControl Networks and FrontPoint Security back in 2007. They claim that in July of 2007, they were confronted by FrontPoint regarding an opportunity to license their technology, wherein they later scheduled a demonstration with FrontPoint Security who, on two separate occasions, was exposed to proprietary and patented intellectual property.

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Financial Drawbacks of a Security System Must Be Weighed Before Purchase

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motion sensorHome security systems are becoming a popular purchase with homeowners today as systems become more geared toward remote operation via smartphones and tablets, giving users greater control over them. However, what many homeowners do not realize is that there are financial cons to having these systems installed, and many do not factor them in before they decide to invest in one. There are several things that every homeowner should consider about their budget and what is involved financially with an alarm system and security companies before they make a purchase.

Many homeowners believe that when they have a security system installed that it will make their homes impervious to burglars and that their possessions will always be safe. However, even when these alarm systems are installed and they work correctly, the authorities may not always get there in time to catch the thief.

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Vigilance isRequired During Home Security Installation

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Many homeowners have greater peace of mind when they have a home security system installed in their home, but what they may not know is that allowing installers into their homes without first knowing the facts can pose a greater security risk than it would to leave their property open to a thief. Each year, personal property is damaged and items are stolen from homes by either people who pose as home security professionals or by subcontracted individuals for whom the home security companies may not always take responsibility. Before homeowners let any home security personnel into their homes, they should understand the risks and be prepared to protect their personal property.

Your greatest concern, I believe, should be whether the individuals and the company you have contracted with for security can be trusted in your home, with access to your valuables, as well as information regarding your family and possessions. Remember that whomever you allow into your home could potentially use any knowledge gained therein to your disadvantage, ” says Edward Siedle, a contributor to Forbes magazine online.

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Home Security Gaining Popularity for Rental Properties, Data Suggests

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When most people think of home security systems, they think of large-scale homes that are filled with valuables. However, wireless alarm systems and other security options are becoming available to renters as well. Apartment living is a fact of life in every major city in America, and people who rent apartments want their valuables protected as well. Because of these hassle-free options, more landlords are becoming open to these systems being present on their properties, giving renters peace of mind when it comes to round-the-clock security. asserts that home security for rental properties is not the difficulty that it used to be.

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Home Security for Vacation Properties is Becoming More Popular

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Owning and renting out a vacation property can be a dream come true for many homeowners, but it also comes with a variety of problems they may not have anticipated. One of these problems is keeping the property safe from vandals when it is not occupied, and keeping guests safe when it is. However, there are a number of ways to accomplish this, and no matter if the rental is nearby or in another state, vacation rental owners can increase their peace of mind when it comes to keeping thieves at bay and their properties secure.

The Community Homeaway website, which provides advice for those who own a rental property, asserts that “Your vacation rental listing likely provides a rundown of all your home’s amenities — a veritable virtual catalog for thieves. And if your calendar is up-to-date, savvy burglars can also figure out which days your home will be unoccupied.”

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Home Security Options for the Deaf Are Increasing, Studies Show

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As recently as ten years ago, homeowners who were hearing impaired or deaf had very few choices when it came to home security systems. However, recent developments in this area are opening new doors for those who are hard of hearing. From strobe alarms to vibration systems, there are many new and effective options for those who have special needs when it comes to protecting themselves and their homes.

One of the most innovative ways for the hearing impaired to make use of a home security system is to install a strobe alarm. These alarms, when triggered,will flash and alert the homeowner to a possible intruder.

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The Canary Home Security System Prevents False Alarms

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Few things are more irritating to both homeowners and their neighbors than a blaring security system siren that turns out to be a false alarm. False alarms are frightening, anxiety-inducing, and potentially embarrassing, and they are sadly all too common. As high-tech as many alarm systems are today, not all of them can avoid triggers that can be set off by house pets, such as dogs or cats. However, homeowners who find themselves facing this problem are now offered a solution with a system called the Canary. This system, which uses a home’s wireless Internet and connects with a smartphone, allows users to decide howto respond to a potential burglary before they trigger an alarm, reducing the instances of false alarms and giving the user greater control over their home security.

The Canary system can be fully integrated with a user’s smartphone and is fully customizable. Homeowners can decide when to arm it and when to leave it off. When it is armed and movement in the home is detected, it sends a message to the user’s phone. From there, the user can decide to either trigger the mobile camera to inspect their property, call the police, or send a message to a friend or neighbor to check and see if they see anything suspicious.

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Many Parents Lax About Teaching Home Security to Children

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Home security is often on the minds of many adults as they make room in the budget for an effective system, buy secure deadbolts for their doors, and invest in wireless equipment so that they can monitor their homes and watch for intruders. However, recent studies indicate that many homeowners do not teach home security basics to their children and teens because they believe that the home’s security system will be enough to protect them if they have to be home alone. While these alarm systems are highly effective, there are several things that every child and teen should be taught about home security safety for children.

Protect Your, which is an authorized ADT Security dealer, asserts that “An educated child will know what to do if there is an emergency situation. Knowing how to react ahead of time to a situation is the best way to remain safe.”

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Weather Can Negatively Affect Security Systems

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Stormy WeatherHomeowners are turning to home security systems more and more as technology increases and they are given more control over how the systems operate. Whether they are hardwired through the home’s electrical system or operate wirelessly, these alarms protect against burglary, can maintain the home’s temperature, and allow the homeowners to monitor the home both indoors and outdoors. However, what they might not know is that bad weather may adversely affect these systems and cause them to malfunction, leaving the home vulnerable to attack.

According to, bad weather will affect almost every home security system at one time or another. Adverse weather conditions such as lightning, high winds, heavy rain, ice, and snow can damage outdoor home security equipment, even if it is made for outdoor use.

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3 Top Home Security Tips Not as Effective as First Thought

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Homeowners who cannot afford a home security system or the monthly payments that come with monitoring often turn to less expensive options. Over the years, there are a number of tips that have become commonplace, such as always having a light burning or having a security sticker on a window that faces the street.However, recent data reveals that some of these tips are not as effective as they once were because burglars are becoming wise to them the more they are used.

Three of these previous top tips have recently been debunked and homeowners should take action to ensure that they modify or change them in order to make their home less of a target.

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Gun Safety is Often Overlooked as Part of Home Security

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Millions of Americans are turning to home security systems in order to keep their families safe. However, one major area that’s overlooked when it comes to home security is gun safety. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives because of improper gun storage and handling in the home, many of them children. In order to keep their families safe, homeowners should understand that proper gun security needs to be an essential part of their safety plan.

According to a 2012 Fox news article, “The National Rifle Association notes that safe and proper gun storage includes using a secure locking device. Two of the most common mechanisms are trigger locks and cable locks – the former is affixed around the weapon’s trigger to lock it in place, while the latter is a long steel cable that is looped through the action of the firearm to block its operation.”

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Data ShowsThat Wireless Home Security is More Affordable Than Ever

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As recently as five years ago, many homeowners regarded home security systems as something only the wealthy could afford, and turned to other options for their home security needs. However, in the past few years, prices have come down, particularly for wireless systems, and they are now affordable for the average family. Because of this fall in price, more Americans are becoming more aware of home security and how important it is to protect their valuables, even if they are not wealthy.

Many Americans believe they do not need a security system because they do not own things of great value when compared to wealthier people. However, when most burglars break into homes today, it is to steal the kinds of electronics that even average families own, such as smaller flat-panel televisions, laptops, and tablets.

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Rural Burglaries Are Common but Can be Prevented, Studies Show

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Until recently, people have moved to quieter, more rural areas in order to avoid crime and robberies, but with the population of the country increasing every year, even rural areas are becoming populated. As a result, people are starting to discover that moving their families into these areas does not mean that they can avoid crime. One of the most common types of crime, burglary, is still an issue, but there are several things that homeowners can do in order to make their homes less of a target.

No matter where people choose to live, home security is not an issue that should be ignored.

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High-Tech Options Not the Only Home Security Solution, Experts Say

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While more and more homeowners are turning to high-tech security options in order to protect their homes, some experts say that this is not the only option, especially when you consider their overall installation cost. While new homes are being sold with a security system in place, Americans who already own their homes or who are paying a mortgage often cannot afford to have a home security system installed. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to lie awake and worry about their safety. Instead, there are many other ways to improve their home’s security, ways that won’t put a dent into their bank accounts.

One way that homeowners can save money on home security is to install do-it-yourself security features, such as lock kits that come with keyless entry.

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Home Location, Appearance, Factors in Most Burglaries

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When most homeowners think of burglary and home invasion, they think of criminals who have already picked out a target and make a careful plan for a robbery. However, recent statistics show that most robberies are not planned and the individuals who commit them do so because they need money on the spot and break into a home hoping to find one or more things of value. Because of the number of burglaries that are committed by people who have not planned them, homes that are in secluded locations and appear to be unoccupied from the street are at the highest risk for a break-in.

One factor that influences many burglars is location. They usually operate within 5 to 10 miles of their homes. When scouting out neighborhoods for possible targets, they look for areas near major traffic arteries, expressways or [sic] throughfares that may offer a quick getaway. Usually they avoid houses on dead-end streets, cul-de-sacs, or circles,” says columnist Edward Lapinski.

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SecuritySystems Are an Option for Both Old and New Homes

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Prospective homeowners are becoming more aware of home security systems, and many list them as a must-have on their list of features when it comes to buying a new home. This should be no surprise, as recent data suggests that one out of every dozen homes in America today has some kind of alarm in place. However, what many homeowners may not realize is that these systems are not exclusively for new homes, and that with today’s advanced technology, they can be installed in almost any home, no matter its age.

While home security systems are often included with new homes, those who own older homes can benefit from them as well, according to installation experts.

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Low-Tech Home Security Could Soon Be Obsolete, Trends Show

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As technology advances, so do the electronics that consumers invest in: laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronics. Even as these advances were made, however, home security systems remained almost the same, tripping the alarm and electronically notifying authorities with no homeowner involvement, except in the aftermath. Today, things are rapidly changing in the area of home security, and nearly every aspect of the technology is changing, from the way the home is monitored to how homeowners can become more involved in remotely monitoring their property, both inside and out.

Major home security companies, such as Honeywell, are offering systems that not only monitor homes to prevent crime but can also control other aspects of it as well.

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Data Shows That Many Homes Are Not Prepared for a Disaster

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Many more American homes have security systems than were installed ten years ago. However, recent data shows that while these homes have alarms in place, a great many of them are not prepared for a natural disaster. Strong storms, such as hurricanes, intense thunderstorms, and tornadoes can cause untold damage to a home and leave its occupants without any supplies. Because emergency medical services may not be able to get to them right away, creating a secure safe room is one essential part of a home security plan that no homeowner can do without.

Choosing the location of a safe room is vital when it comes to preparing for a disaster. The room should be on the ground floor of a home. The basement is an excellent option, particularly in the event of a tornado or any storm with high winds. Any room that’s chosen as the safe room shouldhave a limited number of windows, or none at all, to reduce the chances of any family members being cut by flying glass.

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Alarm Systems Do Not Protect One Hundred Percent: Prevention is Key

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Home security systems are becoming more popular with homeowners today, but recent studies show that even with these systems in place, homeowners are ignoring other safety precautions that might otherwise keep their homes from being broken into. By being more aware of the surroundings of one’s home and practicing neighborhood crime prevention, homeowners can improve not only the security of their own property, but those of the people who live around them as well.

Gladys Mayes, who has worked as senior crime prevention specialist for a number of years in Atlanta, says that preventing crime in the neighborhoodstarts by being aware of your surroundings, even when performing the most simple of tasks, such as going to the mailbox.

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Improper Outdoor Security Camera Placement Affects Usefulness

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Both indoor and outdoor security cameras are an invaluable part of any home security system, but recent reports show that homeowners do not often use them properly. In some cases, these cameras are often placed at wrong angles, are placed in locations that do not allow the system to monitor to the best of its ability, or are placed in an area where weather and other outdoor factors may cause them to be damaged. In order for cameras to prevent burglary or properly capture images of people who have broken into a home, homeowners need to be sure that these cameras are placed in effective and secure areas to ensure their usefulness.

Security expert William Deutsch, who has provided security training and security solutions for both companies and homes, shares his thoughts:

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Security Systems Are an Investment That Offer Big Returns, Studies Show

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While most homeowners invest in security systems to prevent the theft of valuables and to keep their families safe, there is another advantage to these systems that they may not have considered. Several recent studies have shown that having a home security system in place, whether it is for protection or for environmental monitoring, can save homeowners money that offers them quite a big return on their initial investment of installation and monthly monitoring fees.

The loss or theft of valuables in the home is the greatest money saver when it comes to these alarm systems.

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Despite New Remote Features, Many Homeowners Neglect Home Security Maintenance

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Many homeowners are buying new security systems because of the remote features that are available and that can be accessed from almost any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. However, despite having these systems in place, many homes are still vulnerable because a large number of homeowners neglect to maintain their systems properly. While many of these home security systems seem complicated, there are several simple home security maintenance tips that their owners can followin order to make sure that they are running as they should.

According to the Family Home Security website, homeowners should always check the locks of every door in order to bolster their home security and to make sure they do not provide a weak point where intruders can gain access. The site has very specific recommendations along these lines:

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Home Security Customers Enjoy More New Mobile Features Than Ever

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Despite a slight decline in burglaries in the U.S. over the past few decades, the sales of home security systems have remained consistent. Homeowners are turning to these systems even more today because recent developments in their mobile features have made them simple, convenient, and even fun to operate. With these new functions in place, homeowners are not only able to secure their homes from a remote location via their smartphone or laptop, but they can also now monitor when people enter or leave the home, turn lights on and off, and even set timers for a number of lighting options, all with the touch of a button, thanks to smartphone security technology.

Homeowners are enjoying these trends because it makes protecting their property easier than ever.

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Homeowners Looking for Inexpensive Home Security Solutions, Studies Show

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A rough economy and a depressed job market are responsible for an increase not only in home burglaries, but also in a slight dip in home security systems sales as homeowners look for simpler and less expensive solutions to their home security problems. While alarm systems have shown to be effective in protecting the average home, their monthly monitoring fees and installation costs often prove to be a luxury that few homeowners can afford today, especially when they are still paying on their homes. However, there is good news on thehorizon for them; there are a number of simple ways they can increase the security of their home by making a few simple but vital changes, which can prevent burglary from happening.

American homes are victims of burglary about every 15 seconds, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The typical homeowner suffers a loss of nearly $2,000 in stolen goods or property damage.

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Attached Garages Shown to Be a Vulnerable Security Point in Many Homes

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A home with an attached garage is highly coveted by those who own them, but what manyhomeowners do not realize is that the garage is one of the most vulnerable points on their property when it comes to home security. An attached garage, while attractive and convenient, is also a draw for thieves. In many cases, garage doors are not fitted with the same kind of locks or other security that most homeowners have on the main entrances of the home, making them a vulnerable point of access to not only the vehicles and other valuables in the garage but to the inside of the house as well.

A lot of homeowners don’t realize the amount of valuables that are stored away in their garage until everything is gone. Most items found in a typical garage can be big bucks for burglars, and very expensive for the homeowner to replace,” says Kevin Raposo, a long-time security blogger.

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Improve Home Office Data Security with Three Quick Tips

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When most homeowners think of home security, they think of ways to secure their doors and windows and the cost of monthly monitoring systems, but one thing they often don’t consider is the security of their home office data and documents.Even if their home office is not part of a small business, these offices often contain sensitive data such as credit card receipts that contain sensitive information, private papers, social security documents, and other vital data kept either on the home computer or on paper. In order to keep this data safe as part of a home security plan, there are three simple tips that any homeowner can follow to ensure home office security.

Eric Geier, founder of NoWiresSecurity, says that failing to encrypt a network’s security key is the number-one way people lose data to theft.

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Most Americans Not Concerned About Good Home Security Habits, Data Shows

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Despite a growing number of Americans who are investing in home security systems, studies show that a large percentage of the country’s population does not practice good home security habits. Even with a security system in place, these studies show that most Americans still feel secure despite their poor habits and that many do not even use the security measures they have installed in their home. Some of these habits include failing to turn on their security system, failing to lock doors and windows when they leave or during the overnight hours, and failing to use other safety systems, such as carbon monoxide detectors and emergency medical kits.

ADT, one of the most well-known home security companies in the country, conducted a recent poll that shed some light on this issue.

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Home Security Can Be Cheap, Effective

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Dog for home securityHomeowners are constantly on the lookout to increase the security around their property. While home security systems are effective, their monthly monitoring fees are often out of reach financially for the average homeowner, especially those who are already paying a mortgage on their home. However, not all home security solutions need to put homeowners in debt, and there are many ways that they can both protect their homes and save money.

While home security systems are the greatest means of keeping a home safe, other less expensive methods can be applied as well. The main entranceways to a home should always have locking mechanisms, particularly the windows, which many homeowners neglect to secure.

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Home Security Purchases Could Reach 30 Percent Three Years From Now, Study Shows flowers delivered toronto

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Over the next several years, home security purchases could spike sharply thanks to new technology and well-known companies that are angling to buy into the business. While major home security companies are still reportingthat homeowners are investing more money in home security, it is because more consumers are being made aware of its advantages by companies they trust, new technology, and lower prices. Recent studies indicate that over the next three years, nearly a third of American homes will have a home security system in place, according to IMS Research.

The combination of increased consumer awareness, new companies that plan to offer these services, and more user-friendly technology is what experts believe will cause this increase.

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Studies: Many Homes Not as Secure as Owners Believe

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Home Security WeaknessTechnology and new and improved home security systems have many homeowners believing that their homes are impenetrable fortresses that are invulnerable to thieves and burglary. However, what many of them are not aware of is that there are several common places in the home that make for weak security points, which may also be the weak link in their defensive chain. In fact, most burglaries and other home invasions occur at these points more than any other. In order for homeowners to keep their homes safe, they should look into these weak areas andfortify their security as soon as possible.

SafeTech Alarm Systems professionals assert that “The most common weak points in a home are the windows and doors. Most people secure the front door and many people secure the main floor windows, but there are several other entrances that you should pay attention to as well. Second floor windows, back doors, sliding doors, basement windows, and any other entry points are potential weak points.”

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