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Social Media Posts Can Lower the Effectiveness of the Best Security Systems

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Status Updates Defeat Security System Equipment

Most security-conscious people invest hundreds of dollars in their personalized home security solutions, designed and implemented to help them feel protected and comfortable in their own environment at all times. However, onlya few of them acknowledge the fact that they expose themselves to increased safety risks when they post status updates on some of the most popular social media platforms. So now you might be wondering: how could a harmless virtual interaction with my friends and acquaintances put my safety and welfare on the line?

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Homeowners Relying on Home Automation Systems Manage to Deter Perpetrators More Effectively than the Rest

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 Automated Home Security System Effectively Deters PerpetratorsHave you ever thought about what could happen inside your home, in your absence? Let’s start with the most common worst case scenarios: your house could be vandalized by a gang of burglars, your pet could start a home fire or one of your old, defective pipes could burst and cause a major indoor flood.

Normally, a smart security system would help you attain peace of mind, ensuring effective intrusion detection and fire prevention around the clock, but is this all you really need to feel safe and comfortable in your own environment?

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Frankfort Police Officers Increase Patrols to Cope with Recent String of Burglaries

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Security System Equipment and Vigilance Pays Dividends

A reliable home security system enables residents to attain peace of mind, knowing that their valuable belongings and their loved ones benefit from the highest level of protection 24/7. Unfortunately, many homeowners are intimidated by complex, state-of-the-art security system equipment and by prohibitive price tags. As a result, they choose to rely on basic, inexpensive preventive measures, like installing deadbolts or burglar-proof windows to deter perpetrators. This of course, is no substitute for buying and implementing the very best home security system equipment for their property.

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Lincoln Residents Purchase and Install Security System Equipment to Deal with Rash of Burglaries

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Lincoln Residents Purchase and Install Security System Equipment to Deal with Rash of Burglaries  - Security System NewsThese days, it seems virtually impossible to attain peace of mindin your own home, unless you benefit from superior protection provided by a state-of-the-art home security system. Even people who live in rather small communities are exposed to considerable safety risks and have to start implementing basic preventive measures to avoid or limit property damage and financial losses.

Homeowners and business owners from Lincoln, Maine, have recently reached the conclusion that effective crime prevention strategies are their last hope. Most of them are terrified by a rash of burglaries reported in different areas of their town. People who have already recorded significant financial losses seem eager to take this matter into their own hands, as law enforcement representatives have a hard time trying to apprehend the suspects involved in this string of burglaries.

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Law Enforcement Rely on Home Security Education to Address Alarming Burglary Spree in Philly

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Even a DIY Security System Can Deter Burglars - Security System NewsThese days, nothing seems to stand in the way of skilled burglars who take advantage of the absence and negligence of homeowners. These criminals steal a wide range of goods and supplement their income the easy way. Modern, advanced security system equipment is considered a major deterrent to intimidate and ward off perpetrators. However, a proper home security education represents the most efficient crime prevention strategy, enabling owners to identify and avoid security threats effectively and with minimal effort.

Law enforcement representatives from University City and West Philadelphia seem to share this point of view and do all they can to help residents acknowledge the importance of simple preventive measures designed reduce property crime.

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Intelligent Smoke Alarm Sends You a Text to Let You Know if Your House is on Fire

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As modern technology evolves at a very fast pace, manufacturers do everything it takes to surprise potential buyers with highly intelligent appliances, designed to meet and even exceed their highest expectations.

Talking Smoke Alarm - Home Security System News

At this point in time, clients have the chance to check out various types of home security systems, displaying different features and different price tags and ensuring superior fire prevention and intrusion protection around the clock.

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Lane County Law Enforcement Rely on Home Security Awareness Program to Curb Property Crimes

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Natural Features Can Help or Hinder Home SecurityThe U.S. criminal justice system is not very effective when it comes to keeping the bad guys off the streets and reducing the number of property crimes. This is the conclusion drawn by Lane County law enforcement representatives who have recently decided to take this matter into their own hands by implementing a residential security awareness program.

They firmly believe that simple, yet efficient measures of precaution can go a long way and that as well as security system equipment, proper home security training is the key to success. The goal of the awareness program is to empower Lane County residents to protect their belongings, their properties and their loved ones against burglary attempts.

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Home Security System May Help Law Enforcement Apprehend Midtown Carjacker

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Many American families decide to invest in a state-of-the-art home security system, thinking that sophisticated equipment will deter perpetrators and turn their homes into 100% safe environments.
Unfortunately, as technology quickly evolves, villains always seem to find a way to keep up with some of the most ingenious technical innovations. Burglars are less intimidated by advanced security system equipment and much more determined when it comes to breaking into homes inhabited by the rich and famous.

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Thermal Security Cameras Expected to Become Increasingly Popular Due to Price Decline

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Most people acknowledge the importance of smart, sophisticated security solutions and do whatever it takes to implement the right one, based on their real needs, demands and financial possibilities. But with so many appealing choices, how could they make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing top-rated security system equipment?

Thermal security cameras have been around for a while, and experts agree that they represent invaluable assets enabling owners to monitor their property and deter perpetrators quickly and effortlessly. However, their popularity has been considerably impacted by their heavy price tags. Fortunately, things are about to change, according to a recent report issued by IHS Inc.

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New App Enables Owners to Convert Old Phones into HD Security Cameras

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Numerous homeowners who want to feel safe and comfortable at all times on their property consider investing in smart, sophisticated security system equipment. Unfortunately, most home security systems based on cutting-edge technology carry enormous price tags and intimidate a large segment of potential buyers with limited financial possibilities. This is one of the main reasons why DIY security solutions have become increasingly popular over the past few years.
Uwatchit, a reputable Australian company, has good news for those who want to give a new meaning to their old phones and profit from an amazing surveillance app and affordable HD security cameras. Their 20:20 app coverts old smartphones into surveillance cameras for home or business use. Clients can test a truly accessible monitoring system, with a little help from Uwatchit. All clients have to do is download the app, install the camera in the right location, use a second phone as a monitoring device, and you can analyze camera footage in real time.

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A Home Security Solution Based on Multiple Deterrents Can Help You Protect Your Home on a Budget

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People invest a significant amount of money in home improvement projects to add value to their property, but how many of them are actually willing to pay the right price for complex home security systems and other features designed to intimidate burglars? Law enforcement representatives indicate that in most cases, simple, cost-effective security solutions based on multiple deterrents could be just as effective as sophisticated, expensive security systems equipment.

Lieutenant Chris Hsiung from the Mountain View Police Department reveals that simple changes, like installing deadbolts, locking all your doors and windows, forming or joining a neighborhood watch group, keeping your pathway and doorway properly illuminated and cost-effective security cameras installed in your outdoor areas can get you a long way, enabling you to avoid a wide range of safety risks and live a peaceful life, without constantly looking over your shoulder.

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Houston Residents Exposed to Security System Equipment Scams

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Millions of security-conscious people living in differentparts of the U.S. are looking forward to investing in cutting-edge, affordable, effective home security systems, designed to protect them against all sorts of safety threats. Unfortunately, their willingness to install a smart security solution inside their homes can sometimes get them into a lot of trouble, as skilled perpetrators pretending to be representatives of security system companies do whatever it takes to scam as many homeowners as possible.

Houston County residents are targeted by a group of scammers who strive to make as many victims as possible and get their hands on a large amount of money. The villains rely on a simple tactic: they make phone calls, let the property owners know that abnormally high crime rates are putting their safety and welfare on the line and promise to install a residential security system for free. Basically, homeowners are lured into a trap and tricked into divulging their credit card information.

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aptiQmobile Users Can Now Unlock Their Doors with Their Smartphones

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People who are always concerned about their safety do everything it takes to avoid and eliminate security threats, at home and at the office. They install sophisticated home security systems and invest in an effective access control system for their indoor spaces to prevent unauthorized entry and discourage perpetrators.

Over the past few years, access control systems have evolved a great deal. Relying on cutting-edge technology, their manufacturers have come up with different methods of replacing the ID cards or the common set of keys. Biometric authentication has always been an option worth considering; however, most clients are still intimidated by the complexity and the heavy price tags of fingerprint readers and iris scanners – and quite reluctant when it comes to installing such an advanced security solution on their property.

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Mobile Surveillance System Helps Law Enforcement Curb Crime Rates in Illinois

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Glenwood is a small village from Cook County, Illinois, counting less than 9,100 residents. According to a recent report, approximately 229 property crimes are recorded here on an annual basis. In order to monitor crime hotspots, discourage perpetrators and turn Glenwood into a 100% safe environment, law enforcement representatives have thought about investing in a reliable monitoring solution, designed to help them detect threats and address emergency situations faster and easier than ever before.

The only problem is that the police department does not benefit from a considerable amount of money, required by cutting-edge security systems introduced on the market to enable law enforcement to curb crime rates. However, Glenwood officials have recently come up with an amazing, cost-effective alternative: the incredibly affordable portable surveillance unit, suggestively entitled SkyWatch, launched on the market by Critical Technology Solutions. The unit can be easily transported from point A to point B and it is considered the perfect option at hand when it comes to preventing crime in a small community with limited resources.

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Free Guns and Ammunition to Be Distributed to Orlando Residents by a Gun Rights Organization mold or mould canada

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When it comes to protecting their properties, their valuable belongings and their loved ones, security-conscious people do whatever it takes to implement some of the most effective measures of precaution designed to improve their safety. Most of them purchase and install a highly sophisticated home security system, keep all of their doors and windows locked at all times, buy a guard dog, contract private security guards and join a neighborhood watch program to prevent crimes and acts of vandalism. For some reason or another, other people choose to buy a gun instead of investing in cutting-edge security system equipment.

A gun rights organization from Texas has recently decided to help residents address all of their security needs and concerns by following a different approach. The group could start distributing free guns and ammunition to all residents who feel threatened by a wide range of security risks. The main goal of the organization, entitled The Arms Citizens Project (ACP), is to empower neighborhoods and to substantially reduce the number of burglary attempts. This surprising shotgun giveaway project has already raised the enthusiasm of many Orlando residents who are currently concerned about their safety in their own environment, taking into consideration the high crime rates reported by law enforcement representatives over the past few years.

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Guard Services Introduced by XL Protection to Curb Crime Rates in Dallas

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Security-conscious homeowners and business owners are determined to pay the right price for security system equipment designed to provide the highest level of protection 24/7 and deter perpetrators. Most of them are fully aware of the fact that locking their windows and doors won’t always help them stay safe in their own environment. Furthermore, as modern technology evolves at a fast pace, skilled burglars seem to be less and less intimidated by sophisticated alarm security systems and willing to do everything it takes to carry out their mission. In this context, what could help owners stay out of harm’s way in the long term? XL Protection might have the best answer to this question.

The company, a respectable provider of security services and premium surveillance equipment, has recently come up with a new method to reduce the alarming number of property crimes in Dallas, Texas, while allowing residents to attain peace of mind in knowing that their valuable belongings and their loved ones are not threatened by major safety risks. XL Protection is now providing first-class guard services, tailored to any type of security needs.

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SecuGen Hopes to Introduce a New Generation of Compact Optical Fingerprint Scanners on the Market chocolate face mask recipe

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Long gone are the days when most people felt protected inside their homes day and night without benefitting from the superior level of protection provided by expensive, state-of-the-art security system equipment, tailored to their specific needs and requirements. At this point in time, security-conscious homeowners have the chance to invest in a hi-tech home security system with several additional features, including home automation, indoor sirens, smoke sensors, 24/7 monitoring, motion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and basically every other element that family members might require to feel perfectly safe in their own environment.

 At the same time, biometric technology has become increasingly popular, as many security experts strive to come up with innovative solutions designed to limit access inside a building and prevent unauthorized entry. This time, the good news comes from SecuGen, a well-known player in the security industry, specialized in optical fingerprint recognition. SecuGen has recently filed a new patent for a new line of highly advanced optical fingerprint readers, expected to become widely accessible, due to their low cost, compact design and their increased efficiency and reliability.

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Security App for the Much-Awaited Google Glass Introduced by IQinVision

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IQinVisionWhat does the new generation of wearable gadgets have in common with security system equipment? Apparently, there is a solid connection between these two elements, judging by the fact that giant security companies like IQinVision and Mutualink have relied on cutting-edge technology to come up with the innovative security apps for the much-awaited Google Glass, the sophisticated wearable computer developed by Google.

We feel like we can help (installers) do a better job with video. For us, with all of our products and all of our accessories, we’ve been trying to make them hands-free. […]There’s just so much potential for these glasses,” reveals Wendi Burke, IQinVision’s Director of Marketing.

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New Affordable Video Surveillance Solution Introduced by FLIR

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Because more than 2.2 million burglaries are reported every single year all across the U.S., more and more people feel compelled to invest in state-of-the-art home security systems to protect their loved ones and their assets at all times. Fortunately, security system providers do everything in their power to come up with reliable, sophisticated, easy-to-use video surveillance solutions, allowing residents to attain peace of mind in their own environments. Some of them choose to play the affordability card, launching accessible products that could be purchased and installed by a larger segment of buyers.

FLIR has recently unveiled its new SPS (Site Protection Solution), a highly reliable, versatile video security solution, based on advanced thermal cameras, which is suitable for any type of open areas and functions flawlessly in any given set of circumstances. The product is the result of the company’s partnership with VideoIQ.

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AT&T Digital Life to Become Available in 50 US Markets by the End of the Year

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AT&TThese days, people who spend most of their time at the office are worried about what could happen at home in their absence. Undoubtedly, they have all of the reasons in the world to express their concern and start looking for the very best measures of protection, as more than 2.2 million burglaries are recorded every single year all across the U.S. Most of them attain peace of mind after buying and installing a modern, sophisticated home security system.

For those who are still waiting for a clever, all-in-one security solution, AT&T has excellent news: Digital Life will soon be introduced in six new American markets: Milwaukee, Tulsa, Hartford, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville and Charlotte. The company intends to launch its complete home management system in 50 different U.S. markets by the end of the year.

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FST21 May Replace Human Guards in the Near Future

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Security-conscious homeowners would do everything in their power to protect their loved ones and their assets. In most cases, they buy a guard dog, lock all their doors and windows, install an efficient home security system and hope to stay out of harm’s way in the long term. People who own an apartment in a residential complex usually invest in supplementary measures of precaution; they pay the right price for an advanced access control system and hire a human guard to prevent robberies and various other types of property crimes triggering major financial losses, emotional traumas and extensive damages.

Most of them will be thrilled to find out that FST21 is expected to launch its simplified version of the much-appreciated “Digital Doorman” system, relying on a great mix of biometrics technology, analytics and video surveillance. The complex motion identification system is already considered one of the most innovative security solutions currently introduced on the market.

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Integrators Might Rely on Iris Recognition to Come Up with Viable Security Solution gluten free banana recipes

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Iris RecognitionWe’ve seen it in movies, and now it might finally unlock our doors. Iris recognition technology is expected to become highly popular over the next few years, leading to a simpler,much more effective security solution for commercial and residential properties. It’s no secret that iris recognition has been around for more than a few years and has been getting bonus points for its incredible reliability. However, it is quite expensive and it’s still advanced and complex enough to make people feel uncomfortable around iris recognition applications. Over the last few years, it has been utilized to protect high-security facilities, like hospitals and laboratories, where other types of biometric applications, like the ones based on fingerprint recognition, did not represent a viable option.

At this point, things are about to change, as reputable integrators seem willing to give iris recognition a second chance. New research might make it widely accessible and reliable enough to secure any environment. The first problem seems to be the price tag associated with this innovative technology; the second issue is the fact that most people are intimidated by iris scanners and don’t really feel comfortable putting their eye very close to the hi-tech reader. From this point of view, it seems that user objections weight a great deal and impact the popularity of iris recognition applications in a considerable manner. As a response to this challenge, experts have developed newer models that can scan irises while people go through a turnstile or a doorway. More sophisticated readers are now available and can really make a difference, offering the highest level of protection one would expect from cutting-edge security system equipment. Integrators must now take action and inform their clients in an attempt to eliminate misunderstandings and abolish myths.

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Oakland Residents Choose to Invest in Private Security to Curb Property Crime Rates plant chemistry

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Private Security GuardEven though more and more people have access to cutting-edge technology leading to the creation of incredibly sophisticated home security systems, it seems that burglars always find a way to adapt to new challenges and still manage somehow to attain their goals – all while putting the safety and the welfare of so many families on the line.

Far from being a 100% safe environment, Oakland has witnessed a considerable increase in property crimes. Law enforcement representatives indicate that they are dealing with up to 54% more robberies and 40% more burglaries, compared to the number of such incidents reported in 2011. Alarmed by these high percentages, Oakland residents have decided to take this matter into their own hands and invest in private security. Most of them agree on the fact that great security system equipment, a guard dog, and simple measures of precaution like keeping your windows and doors locked at all times help, but are not enough to guarantee absolute protection for their assets and their loved ones 24/7.

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New Security Solution Offers Superior Tracking Capabilities to Reduce Property Crimes

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Is there a connection between a bird’s-eye view, premium video management software, and intelligent methods of precaution implemented to deter intruders and protect any type of environment in a highly effective manner, with a minimal investment? Apparently, these elements are connected, judging by the recent announcement made by Optex, revealing its recent collaboration with Red Hawk and Milestone, in an attempt to create and deliver an innovative integrated security solution with enhanced tracking capabilities.

The new product will display the advantages offered by all 3 integrated components: the Redscan laser detector introduced by Optex, guaranteeing 100% reliable detection with a significantly reduced number of false alarms; Milestone’s VMS (video management software) ensuring increased protection for thousands of different customer applications; and the RedHawk software promising a rapid, trouble-free visual identification, introduced by The Hawkeye Effect.

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Defective Smoke Detector Responsible for the Death of 3 People in Pittsburgh, California

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Smoke DetectorAs modern technology evolves at an incredibly fast pace, we feel compelled to profit from amazing breakthroughs to transform our homes and offices into perfectly safe environments, allowing us to feel comfortable and protected 24/7. We gather all of the information we need on insanely sophisticated electronic commercial and home security systems, we buy them and install all their extras with professional help, but somewhere along the road we neglect the fact that the simplest methods of precaution can make a big difference in our lives and protect us against a wide range of potentially fatal threats.

Taken by surprise by tall flames and smoke, three women lost their lives on September 15th, after becoming the unfortunate victims of a home fire reported in Pittsburg, in the East Bay area. The women failed to find their way out of the burning death trap, simply because their smoke alarms did not have any batteries, according to Lewis Broschard, the Fire Marshal who came to investigate this tragic event. It seems that non-functional smoke detectors were spotted inside the house, on the kitchen counter. They were not mounted on the walls of the household, plus they had no batteries; therefore they obviously failed to alert the women and enable them to leave the house on time and avoid this dramatic ending.

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Wireless, Solar Surveillance Infrared Camera Launched by MicroPower Technologies

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Solar SurveillanceCutting-edge technological advances lead to the creation of a new generation of commercial and residential security systems, which are highly effective, wireless, and extremely accessible at the same time. It seems that eco-friendly energy is becoming increasingly popular, as numerous providers of security systems start relying on its advantages to come up with new, remarkable prototypes, ensuring the highest level of protection for any kind of property.

MicroPower Technologies has recently introduced its newest models of wireless surveillance cameras, which use solar energy to function. This solar surveillance model, called Helios IR Camera is easy to install, as the wireless platform allows users to mount the device in any area, quickly and effortlessly.

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New Video Monitoring Services Expected to Enable Dealers to Sell Big

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Undoubtedly, video monitoring solutions are a big hit and will significantly increase in popularity in the years to come. This is the main conclusion highlighted by representatives from Affiliated Monitoring, a well-known monitoring center that has recently announced its dealer summit, scheduled for December 5th.

It seems that video-monitored alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties are a great source of profit for dealers, since they enable users to protect their loved ones, their assets, and their homes and offices easier than ever before.

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With New Access Control, Heartbeats Might Unlock Doors in the Future

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Biometric technology has been around for a while, leading to the creation and development of advanced, reliable security solutions. Facial, iris, or fingerprint scans are now relatively common and prove that access control systems based on biometrics are effective measures of precaution, implemented to reduce the number of property crimes and prevent unauthorized access.

We’ve seen it in movies, and now this type of technology is available and widely accessible. However, restless researchers are still looking for new ways to surprise the security-conscious public. According to recent predictions, electrocardiogram-based access control systems could be the newest kind of barrier against intruders, offering the highest level of protection in any type of environment.

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Biometric Technology Experts to Start Pilot Program to Help Law Enforcement Apprehend Criminals

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Biometric TechnologyDue to its incontestable advantages, its cutting-edge approach, and its proven effectiveness, biometric technology is on the rise. 3D-ID, LLC, a subsidiary of NXT-ID, a well-known biometric company, has recently announced the development of a new pilot program, designed to fight property crimes and allow law enforcement to increase apprehension rates. Itseems that sophisticated technology will be used by representatives from the Palm Bay, Fla., police department to find perpetrators faster and easier than ever before, allowing them to minimize losses, keep dangerous villains off the streets and eventually turn even the most problematic neighborhoods into perfectly safe environments.

3D FaceMatch™ facial imaging solutions provide government, law enforcement, and security agencies with fast, precise, automated, and low-cost solutions for biometrically accurate imaging of human faces in three dimensions. By acquiring the shape of a subject’s face together with a perfectly registered image, FaceMatch technology enables dramatic performance enhancements in human identification systems ranging from manual photo ID verification to automated facial recognition,” explain NXT-IT experts on theirofficial website.

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Biometrics Technology and Video Surveillance Expected to Become Increasingly Popular in North America, Report Shows

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BiometricsWhile more and more people and big corporations acknowledge the importance of advanced, sophisticated home security systems, the physical security industry is flourishing. At least this is the conclusion revealed by a recent report introduced by MarketsandMarkets. The numbers clearly reflect the fact that high demand is expected to boost the popularity of biometrics technology and video surveillance, leading to the creation and implementation of new applications, and ultimately ensuring the highest level of protection for both residential and commercial buildings in the years to come.

According to these optimistic predictions, the physical security industry could easily reach a new record value of $85 billion in less than 5 years, recording a $30billion growth while compared to its current value of $55, at a global level. This means that first-class security equipment manufactured to prevent unauthorized entry, property crimes, terrorist attacks, theft, or espionage will gradually become much smarter and much more popular over a relatively short period of time, all across North America.

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