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Security System Spotlight: Vivint

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We are on to look into another one of our well reviewed home security system companies, Vivint. Vivint was originally called APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc but was re-branded in 2011 and is now known as Vivint. The company did a complete face lift and has reaped the benefits ever since. The new name was given in order to be reflective of the new type of company it would become. “Viv” comes from the word “living” and “int” comes from the word intelligently, the new name Vivint, was to be reflective of their new and innovative systems, “Living Intelligently.”

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What We Look For In Security System Reviews

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Security System Reviews is here to help you make a great investment in a quality security system. But how can we help you do that? We review some of the best security systems out there on the market and we want to tell you about it. But obviously, there can be a lot of information to take in. We have tried to organize it as best as possible for you. There are a lot of components to a good security system and subsequently a security system review, and we want you to be able to understand them.

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Security System Spotlight:LifeShield Security

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Over the next few weeks we will be doing brief security system company spotlights. You can always visit the security company website or you can check out our thorough security system reviews as well for more information on each security system company.

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Why Cellular Security System Monitoring Is Important

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It is imperative that the security system in your home armed when you need it most, so it’s important to keep your system armed when you’re away and while you are home. If the power goes out, your home would still be monitored and protected just like normal, as most home security systems come with a backup battery that should last up to a full day. One thing that could be interrupted, however, is your connection to the monitoring station. But only if you have sub-par monitoring or use a standard phone line. Cellular security system monitoring will keep you protected no matter what crazy events may occur. Cellular security system monitoring is by far the best and most reliable.

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Best Security System Companies Overview

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Today we’re going to talk about some of the best security system companies and give you a general overview of each company. Of course, our security system reviews are the best source to learn more about each of the best security system companies, but this should give you a good idea of which ones to look into further. If one jumps out at you, don’t hesitate to give them a call!

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How To Install A DIY Security System

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One of the biggest crazes to hit the home security scene in the last decade or so is the DIY security system. DIY stand forDo It Yourself. These wireless security systems can easily be installed by the homeowner without the need for any experience or a “technician”. Do it yourself security system installations are fairly simply and not at all time consuming. Here are the major steps to installing a DIY security system.

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Wireless Security Systems Q&A

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We love hearing from our readers here at Security System Reviews. It might be the most exciting thing about what we do! Of course, we are here to help you find the best security systempossible, but we also know you’re loaded with questions. Every so often we like to do a little Q&A about a specific topic that we’ve received a lot of questions about. Today we’ll look at some questions sent to us about wireless security systems. Here are several of the “hottest” questions pertaining to wireless security systems:

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Facts About Security System Pricing

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Figuring out the economics of something can be difficult, especially if you’re not necessarily “business savvy”. However, being a savvy consumer is very similar, and if you can determine why prices are what they areyou’ll be able to make more informed purchasing decisions. Remember the adage “cheaper doesn’t always mean better”? Well, that is true for a lot of things. Security systems is definitely one them. Let’s take a look at some facts about security system pricing that will allow you to make an informed security system purchase.

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Security System Statistics

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Although security systems have been around for several decades now, many folks are still unaware about how security systems work, or how an security system can help protect their home and belonging. Today we’re going to look at some security system statistics to give you a better idea of what home security systems are and what they can do for you.

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Importance Of Security System Monitoring

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When it comes to a home security system there are many things at work that help your system function to its fullest potential. Whether it’s the Control Panel, security system equipment, or your security system monitoring device there you have a number of things working together to get the desired result: Protection. One of the most important aspects of a home security system is the monitoring. Security system monitoring is extremely important. Why, you say? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why security system monitoring is a must.

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How Security Systems Have Changed In The Tech Era

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Security systems are electronic devices, much like many other things in the world today. A security system is tasked with protecting your home and family from a possible intrusion or fire emergency. While a security system’s use may be much different than that of a mobile device or computer there have been significant improvements to home security systems over the last decade or so. Here are some of the ways security systems have changed for the better:

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Compare Security Systems The Right Way

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If you’re researching home security systems you may have found that many of them are alike, offer comparable products, and have comparable pricing. It’s the “little” things that really make the difference between a good security system company and the best security company. Security system reviewsand other content might give you all the details about each security company and system, but doesn’t necessarily tell you how to compare things like security system pricing or equipment. Here are a few ways to compare security systems:

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Things Intruders Look For That May Decrease Your Home Security

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No one wants to have their home broken into but there are things a lot of people do that make it easy on burglars. Your home cannot only be protected by a home security system but your own diligence as well. Keeping some of these things in mind can greatly increase your home security and help you sleep better at night – even if you already own a security system. Below are a few things to keep in mind to help your home’s security and lessen the burden on you and your wireless security system.

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Advantages Of Do It Yourself Security Systems

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When you are considering a security system for your home, one of the decisions you have to make is whether to go with a professionally installed security system or a do it yourself security system. Below are some of the advantages of the do it yourself security system:

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Four Things To Do Before Purchasing A Home Security System

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As the spring equinox is upon us it’s about that time when people being to think of mulch, flowers, and days spent outdoors. What many don’t think about, however, is the rise in burglaries during the warmer months. Not only are you out and about more, but so are potential intruders. This is also why purchasing a home security system in the springtime is so popular. As people begin to travel more and be away from their homes they see the value in a home security system installation – which will hopefully keep them protected for many seasons to come.

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Learning The Basics Of Wireless Security Systems

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First, the best thing about wireless security systems is not having to run any wiring in your home. Wires are ugly, for one, but can also cause damage to your home from all the drilling. Plus, if you ever want to sell your home or remove the security system it can be a huge hassle. No wires also means no corrosion or replacing wiring. If anything ever goes wrong you simply replace the wireless sensor.

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How Home Security Systems Save Lives

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Many often think it’s a cliche when someone says “But you could save a life!” when talking about leaving too much food on their plate or giving to charity. In the case of home security systems saving a life is no cliche. Home security systems are one of the first lines of defense we have against possible intrusion in our homes, fires, or medical emergencies. Whether it’s a wireless security system, hard wired, works on a phone line or a cellular connection, it really doesn’t matter.The simple fact is security systems save lives. How you might ask? Let’s take a look.

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Why You Should Choose A Monitored Security System

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If you’ve joined us for discussions in the past or read our blog regularly then you’ll know that there are monitored security systems and there are non-monitored security systems. The former means that your security system is being “watched” by a central station. When your security system is triggered a notification is sent to the monitoring station to alert the local authorities. Monitored security systems are known to save lives.

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Using Security System Reviews To Find The Best Security System

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With the internet age in full swing many people have come to learn about online review sites. These days you can find online reviews for just about anything, that includes security system reviews. Here are we strive to provide the most in-depth and quality security system reviews on the internet. Today we are here to talk a little more about not only our security system reviews, but how they can help you find the best security system.

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Looking For The Top Security Systems

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Everyone is always talking about the “latest and greatest” thing in technology. Many may not know how far home security systems have come since their early days. There are many security system companies out there today offering the latest security system technology, while others continue to lag behind. Finding the top security systems can be tough with all the information out there. We’re here today to talk about how to find the top home security systems and make things easy for you.

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The Best Wireless Security System Features

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Wireless security systems are all the rage these days. Most security system companies have switched their security system equipment offerings over to wireless. The security companies have seen that homeowners prefer wireless security system devices to hard wired. There are a number of reasons why including a simpler do it yourself security system installation as well as a number of features that are much easier to use and simpler to integrate. Today we’ll talk about some of those features and how they’ve changed the home security system forever.

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Security System Purchasing Tips

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Right now is a great time to purchase a new home security system. While winter is still rearing its ugly head in most of the country it’s only a matter of time before flowers begin to bloom and the warm weather stays around for more than a day or two. This is also a time when intruders are in full swing. The warm months of the year are the busiest times for burglars, and there is no better way to enjoy your spring than to install a new wireless security system.

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2Gig To Be Sold To Nortek, Parent Company Of Linear

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Well, it looks like things are starting to heat up in the home security arena. Home security system and home automation system company 2Gig Technologies is being sold to Nortek, a parent of Linear. Nortek and it’s child companies focus on manufacturing and lifestyle innovation, and adding 2Gig to its lineup will only boost that reputation.

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Moving A Wireless Security System

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Not too long ago, when you were ready to move, it would take an act of congress to remove your home security system. Wires embedded in walls, and serious mounting hardware made it next to impossible to remove security systems easily and without a trace. Many homeowners were forced to include their old security system as part of their home sale and had to purchase a new system when they relocated.

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Five Simple Steps To Installing A Do It Yourself Security System

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Do It Yourself Security System Handyman

So you’re looking around for a new home security system but aren’t sure whether to go with a professionally installed system or a do it yourself security system. This is probably one of the most common dilemmas when coming to the end of deciding which security system company to go with. The reason this tends to happen is because DIY security systems are so new compared to the technician installation method. With this in mind we here at Security System Reviews thought it would help to go over some of the common steps of installing a do it yourself security system. Let’s get started!

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Finding The Best Security System Discounts

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If installing a home security system is on your list of things to do, there is no better time than beginning of a new year. Not only will you get that extra bit of security that you have always wanted, but there are also many of the best security system discounts to be found. Security system companies want to be sure that your home and family are safe all year around, and they also want to give you a great security system discount.

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Steps To Choosing A Home Security System

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If you are thinking about getting a security system for your home, you are going to find that a home security system is something you can customize to meet your needs. Below you are going to find a few steps that you can take when you are looking for a wireless security system for your home. They are going to help you to find the right one for your needs.

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Living Easy With Your Home Security System heal your body book free download

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With a gradual increase in home burglaries and a shaky economy, more and more homeowners are considering installing a home security system. New advances in technology have made it incredibly easy to work home alarm systems. Most systems come with easy-to-operate, integrated functions that can be turned on and off on site or even remotely. This ease of operation makes the home alarm system of today a perfect option for every home owner. There is no need to be technically skilled or experienced in order to effectively operate a home security system. Here are a few ways that some of the top alarm companies make living with a new alarm system easy.

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Why Wireless Security Systems Are The Best Security Systems

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Wireless security systems have become the most popular type of security system for homeowners nationwide. The days when a technician had to come out to your home, run wires all through your home and spend all day installing are over. Unless of course you don’t like things that are simpler! Today we’ll explore what makes wireless security systems the best security system choice for your home.

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Little Known Facts About Wireless Security Systems

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Every once in a while we like to feature a few things about security systems that may not be well known. Most people have an idea of what a security system is, how it works, and what it can do. But there are also several things that you may not have known. Security System Reviews is here to help you learn all you can about your wireless security system (or your soon to be wireless alarm system). So, what are some of the little known facts about wireless alarm systems? Let’s take alook.

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