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Canadian Security Company Offers Fire Alarm Installation Services for Free


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security system equipmentOver the past few years, the security industry has become increasingly competitive. In order to get their hands on the larger piece of the pie, leading companies operating in this sector strive to design and implement the most ingenious marketing strategies. Some of them come up with amazingly convenient packages and low monthly fees, while others advertise their based on cutting-edge technology in an aggressive manner. SafeTech Alarm Systems, a reputable Toronto-based giant player has recently embraced a new approach.

The company is bending over backwards to attract new clients and is employing a new tactic to capture their attention. SafeTech Alarm Systems is offering cost-free residential fire alarm installations. The catch is that all potential buyers interested in this tempting deal would have to sign a three-year agreement with the company. The contract would enable them to profit from monitoring services.

The security experts from SafeTech take pride in their new free residential fire prevention program and hope that their initiative could help many people feel safer and much more comfortable in their own homes.

The project, expected to trigger 100% client satisfaction in the near future, will enable

“customers to protect their properties with superior fire detection technology without having to pay expensive up-front fees for installation. The monitored fire alarms will be installed at no cost to clients who agree to monthly fire alarm monitoring services [for three years],”

according to company representatives.

Of course, security-conscious homeowners who are familiar with the long list of benefits provided by a reliable, know that a home invasion is not the only safety risks that should be taken into consideration. Floods, carbon monoxide poisoning and of course, fire hazards are also major threats that should be factored in and the regular security system equipment can’t protect owners from such threats.

Luckily, the program launched by the Toronto security guruhas everything covered. The program is very flexible and can be modified to meet the unique needs of any homeowner. A carbon monoxide and a flood alarm can be added, to help users attain peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones and their valuable assets are completely safe 24/7.

“Let’s face it: There are other hazards besides invasion. So the idea is, if you want some of these other hazards monitored, we’re happy to take a look at that, and we can put in a system at no charge the way we have in the past with respect to a burglar alarm,”

stated Sean O’Leary, SafeTech’s CEO and founder.

The deal is worth considering. The company is offering to install 2 or 3 smoke detectors for free. To be able to profit from complete fire protection, homeowners must pay $25 on a monthly basis.

The amount is quite negligible, compared to the expenses that people would be forced to cope with, in the event of a home fire. According to recent studies, home fires kill no less than 2,500 individuals and injure other 12,600 on an annual basis. Moreover, such dramatic events generated financial losses estimated at $6bn only in 2011.

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