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Home Automation from AT&T Becomes Available on 52 US Markets


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AT&T home automation system - Security System Reviews News

A modern, highly effective home automation and security system is an invaluable asset for any family, especially if it offers superior intrusion detection and fire prevention around the clock. These days, anyone can purchase and install a simple without spending more than a couple hundred dollars on it. However, more and more buyers seem interested in sophisticated home automation solutions, designed to protect their properties and make their lives simpler and more enjoyable.

These potential clients are targeted by AT&T, a powerful player in the security industry. AT&T has striven to introduce its revolutionary Digital Life on no less than 50 American markets. Quite recently, the company has managed to surpass its initial goal and launch its attractive packages in 52 different geographical areas. Last week, Digital Life was delivered to 7 additional markets, including Richmond, Nashville and Las Vegas.

Prospects have the chance to choose from 2 extremely appealing security packages: “Simple Security” and “Smart Security.” The first option is ideal for homeowners who would like to benefit from basic to deter burglars. The second option is suitable for people who are willing to pay a little more for extra features, guaranteeing the highest level of security and comfort at any given point in time.

Digital Life is more than a top notch security system to us; it’s a way of life that gives our customers peace of mind when they are away from home. This service is designed to give consumers the flexibility to build a system to their specific needs. It allows them to manage everything from thermostats, lights, door locks, video cameras and much more through an incredibly easy-to-use app on their smartphones, tablets and PCs.Digital Life surpassing its 50market goal is amazing milestone and we’re looking forward to more launches and expansions across the country,”  explained Kevin Petersen, the president of AT&T’s Digital Life.

Smart Security surprises potential customers with a generous selection of useful home automation service packages. These include a water package, allowing users to detect and address water leaks in a timely manner, an energy package, for controlling appliances and reducing utility bills, a door package and a video package. With so many tempting alternatives at hand, clients have the opportunity to select the right security and home automation solution for their property, based on their unique needs, requirements and budgets.

A year ago, when AT&T announced it would enter the home security and automation industry, we knew we could shake up an industry ripe for innovation and give our customers a best in class experience,”  concluded Petersen.

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