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Affordable DIY Security System Launched by Viper Home


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DIY Security and Automation for Homes

Over the past few years, smart, inexpensive have become increasingly popular and widely available. It seems that security companies have finally realized that most homeowners want to invest in affordable, simple, yet extremely efficient .

The good news is that the global security market is now truly competitive, as more and more new players come up with unbeatable deals to generate considerable financial savings. Viper is a respectable brand producing a wide range of products for modern vehicles- from security systems to keyless entry.

You might ask: so what does this companyhave to do with residential security innovations? Viper has decided to boost its popularity and profitability by reaching a larger pool of clients. This includes those interested in finding and installing premium DIY security solutions for the home. Its new product named Viper Home, has recently become available for purchase and is available at any Best Buy store.

“VIPER is the world’s best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. We use precision engineering and cutting-edge technology to make sure you are in control. VIPER systems offer range and features you can count on every time,”

explain company representatives on their official website.

Viper Home entices potential buyers with numerous popular elements, including a tempting price tag of just $229 and the possibility to purchase additional security system equipment to enhance the effectiveness of the basic option. The starter kit comes with a motion detector for indoor spaces, a hub and a smart window/door sensor. The sensor and the motion detector can be placed in spaces that could be easily targeted by potential burglars.

Moreover, if you want to attain peace of mind by transforming your property into a 100% safe haven, you can purchase extra motion detectors or add an indoor siren for only $49. Additional window/door sensors are currently priced at $24.

This remarkable product competes with at least three other brands of : Piper, Canary and iSmartAlarm. Now homeowners who are looking for decently priced security equipment that’s easy to install and use have even more alternatives worth considering. The best part is that Viper Home can also incorporate home automation features, enabling family members to control lighting and thermostats. In addition, individuals who use the Viper Connect app can keep an eye on their property 24/7. As soon as the system detects a potential threat, it notifies the homeowner immediately, by sending an instant alert.

Viper has been manufacturing top-rated vehicle security systems for more than 3 decades. Now the company is ready to launch a highly practical 2 in 1 security solution designed to protect your home as well as your car. There are several packages to choose from. One of them is priced at $299 and involves a monthly monitoring fee of only $4.69. This option allows users to lock or unlock their automobiles by using the app, and to quickly detect security breaches. Viper Home seems to have everything covered and may have just what it takes to be regarded as one of the best DIY security systems by a large segment of buyers.

Emily Stevenson

Author – Emily is a 10 year veteran of the home security industry working in sales. She was a top sales person at leading home security companies, but has shifted her focus to working on helping consumers make the right decisions.

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