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5 Best Security Companies of 2014


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Each year the team at re-evaluates its list of the best security companies and comes up with new company rankings. As we’re nearly a quarter of the way through 2014 it’s once again time to show our list of the best security companies in the nation.


#1 – FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint has held the title of “Best Security Company” in our rankings for the last two years. FrontPoint is a provider of wireless home security systems with built-in cellular monitoring and online access capabilities. All systems are 100% DIY as well, making it simple and quick to install a high quality security system. FrontPoint prides itself on having a great product with even better customer service. .

#2 – Protect America

Protect America is another company that has been near the top of our Best Security Company rankings for some time. Protect America offers 100% wireless security systems with a do it yourself installation and a number of monitoring options. Protect America is also known for having some of the lowest security system pricing around. .

#3 – ADT Security

ADT is the most well known security company operating today and is one of the best security companies around. ADT offers wireless and hard-wired security systems and provides technician installation. ADT also has a number of monitoring and home automation options. ADT is a solid and affordable home security company. .

#4 – LifeShield

LifeShield is an up and comer in the home security sector and is making a splash. With 100% wireless security systems, a simple DIY installation, and some of the most affordable prices around makes LifeShield one of the best security companies operating today. Not only do they have some of lowest prices, but their customer service is top notch. .

#5 – Vivint

Vivint has been around for some time, but has mainly focused on driving sales for their home automation systems and products. What most don’t know is that Vivint also has one of the most advanced and easy to use home security systems as well. Vivint systems are 100% wireless, including the Control Panel, and integrates seamlessly with their home automation and energy management offerings. Vivint is one of the best security companies and is climbing the rankings quickly. .

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