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The 3 Appliances Most Likely to Set Your House on Fire


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Numerous families choose to invest a considerable amount of money in state-of-the-art , to ensure superior intrusion detection and fire prevention. But even if you already count on sophisticated , it is still advisable to pay attention to common household appliances that could start a devastating home fire.

For instance, did you know that lint accumulations are highly flammable and couldrepresent a real safety threat? This is why it is recommended to keep your clothes dryer vent clean at all times. However, dryers are not the only devices that could put your life on the line.

According to a recent report made public by Which?, based on information gathered from different fire brigades, 14% of the overall number of home fires are triggered by faulty washing machines, 12% by clothes dryers and 11% by defective dishwashers. Surprisingly, the same source indicates that other devices that we tend to associate with fire hazards, like toasters, irons and ovens for instance are not as dangerous as we would be inclined to think.

Moreover, Which? also found that recalled products are likely to pose elevated safety risks. A recent study issued by the Electrical Safety Council reveals that the average success rate of all gadget recalls recorded in the UK on an annual basis is below 20%.

In addition, 2/3 of all owners of recalled appliances chooseto contact the manufacturer and ask for a refund or for timely repairs. This means that the remaining owners are stuck with a faulty device that could turn into a death trap in the blink of an eye.

Of course, it can be difficult to identify the specific brands that launch unreliable products, which could easily burn your house down. However, a few simple preventive measures can get you a long way. For instance, you could start by inspecting your appliances periodically. Honestly, when was the last time that you cleaned your clothes dryer vent? How often do you take the time to assess the condition of your dishwasher, especially if it’s working just fine?

Furthermore, the best home security system can help you keep an eye on your property 24/7 even when you’re not at home. These days, even enable you to minimize property damage and financial losses associated with fire hazards. They send you an alert via text or email every time a threat is detected. First-class home security monitoring allows you to identify and address burglary attempts, fire and carbon monoxide hazards in a highly effective manner. By opting for a smart home security system, you can regain full control over your indoor areas, even when you’re at work or away on vacation.

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