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Improper Outdoor Security Camera Placement Affects Usefulness


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Both indoor and outdoor security cameras are an invaluable part of any , but recent reports show thathomeowners do not often use them properly. In some cases, these cameras are often placed at wrong angles, are placed in locations that do not allow the system to monitor to the best of its ability, or are placed in an area where weather and other outdoor factors may cause them to be damaged. In order for cameras to prevent burglary or properly capture images of people who have broken into a home, homeowners need to be sure that these cameras are placed in effective and secure areas to ensure their usefulness.

Security expert William Deutsch, who has provided security training and security solutions for both companies and homes, shares his thoughts:

Security cameras are used for two basic purposes: investigation and deterrence. The images that you collect with your security cameras will most often be used to review a crime or accident so that you can understand what really happened. But the cameras themselves also have a deterrent value since people who know they are being watched are usually on their best behavior. In order to realize maximum investigative and deterrent value from your cameras, you need to carefully choose where you place them.”

While security cameras can capture images at exterior doors, the angle of the camera is vital to the quality of the image. A variance in lighting might cause an image to be captured in silhouette instead of in a clear image. Homeowners should never point their cameras where the images they capture can be distorted or damaged by outdoor lighting. If possible, these cameras should be placed where they are protected and shielded by these bright lights. However, no matter where they are placed, they should always remain visible so that would-be burglars will be discouraged from breaking in and move on.

While outdoor security cameras are made to withstand the elements, homeowners need to make sure that that they remain in proper working order. Cameras should not be placed in locations where tree branches or other obstructions can grow over the lenses and block the view. Cameras that are placed along alleyways should be periodically checked to make sure that they have not been bumped out of place by people passing by. Outdoor cameras are an effective way to discourage thieves from entering a home, but only if they are properly placed and maintained.

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