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Despite New Remote Features, Many Homeowners Neglect Home Security Maintenance


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Many homeowners are buying new security systems because of the remote features that are available and that can be accessed from almost any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. However, despite having these systems in place, many homes are still vulnerable because a large number of homeowners neglect to maintain their systems properly. While many of these seem complicated, there are several simple home security maintenance tips that their owners can follow in order to make sure that they are running as they should.

According to the Family Home Security website, homeowners should always check the locks of every door in order to bolster their home security and to make sure they do not provide a weak point where intruders can gain access. The site has very specific recommendations along these lines:

For deadbolts, make sure that the bolt extends at least 1 inch into the frame of the door. Secure any loose screws around your doors and windows (they may allow someone to gain entry to your home). Make sure that your window locks are secure, and can’t be opened from the outside.”

In many cases, bad weather is responsible for a home security system malfunction. In order to make sure that all cameras and controls are functioning after a storm, homeowners should check all of their outdoor equipment to make sure that it has not been damaged by high winds or heavy rain. If there is any condensation or other moisture present on any of the cameras, they should wipe off the camera lens with a soft cloth and then test the system to make sure that everything is in good working order. While most is made to withstand some outdoor conditions, bad weather and heavy storms are capable of damaging it and causing a security system malfunction.

While many of today’s new home security features are wireless, one major maintenance issue that can cause a security system malfunction is battery failure. Any homeowner whoowns a wireless system should mark a date on the calendar every two to three weeks as a reminder to check the system’s batteries. Many systems already have a low battery indicator, but checking the batteries and running a test at least twice a month will ensure that the batteries are still functioning. A wireless is only as good as what powers it, and if homeowners are neglectful in checking the power supply, this leaves the home as vulnerable as one without any system in place.

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