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Could ADT Partner With Telecom Companies?


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With the recent news that ADT Security has separated from Tyco International many have speculated that the home security system giant could either partner, or be bought out by a telecom company to further its service outreach. ADT executives have squashed such rumors saying they will continue to provide the highest level of home security to its 6 million customers while looking to upgrade its services. Much of the speculation came when ADT recently hired Arthur Oduna, formerly of Bright House Networks – a telecom corporation – and Canoe Ventures, which was founded by six of the top cable companies. Oduna was hired on as ADT’s Chief Innovation Officer in October.

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In recent years ADT has added options for remote access and home automation as well asextensive services around customer’s home broadband connections to monitoring their home security systems. With the recent rise of cable companies looking to get into home monitoring and home security it’s not completely off to believe ADT might plan to take advantage. Oduna has stated he believes the rumors have come about simply because of his association with these companies, not because anything will actually happen. In turns out most of his background focuses in some way on services for the home. Of course, home security systems are one of the largest home services being provided in the United States. ADT is one of the largest security system companies in the world and is a publicly traded entity

Regardless of the rumors, ADT must find a way to compete with new technology and customer service being provided by leaner and aggressive newcomers. A few of these companies include , and who are slowly but surely taking a piece of the market away from the major home security players. With the rise of do it yourself security systems, cellular security systems and advanced home automation systems ADT has lagged behind in some respects. Perhaps the addition of Oduna will help ADT find firm footing to take on a new brand of service for its customers.

In the end, it’s tough to dispute that any new innovation to the home security industry is a welcome one. ADT is well aware that technology advances faster than many companies and consumers can keep up with. Utilizing new technology to provide easier to install and easier to use home security systems and home automation systems will help them stay one of the best security system companies in the business.

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